US President Donald Trump unveiled the flag of the new Space Force in the Oval Office. He took the occasion to announce that America was working on developing a missile that could prove to be a challenge to arch-rivals like Russia and China. He described the item as a “super duper missile” that had the power to take on any weapon of his military rivals. Justifying the weapon, he said one has to be ready to take on powerful adversaries. The super-duper missile is 17 times faster when compared with what the adversaries have. Trump said, “You take the fastest missile we have right now.

You heard Russia has five times and China’s working on five or six times, we have one 17 times and it’s just got the go-ahead.” The defense secretary Mark Esper echoed Trump’s words.

The Guardian says Vladimir Putin, the Russian president, has gone on record about a hypersonic nuclear missile. Such a missile could fly at five times the speed of sound or faster. That would work out to around 767 mph. A section of the media quotes Putin saying his Avangard missiles had the ability to travel like a "meteorite" or a "fireball." He made these comments while talking to his military chiefs in December.

His exact words were: “Not a single country possesses hypersonic weapons, let alone continental-range hypersonic weapons. They’re trying to catch up with us.” Obviously, superpowers love to brag about their achievements and abilities.

Space Force gets its flag

It was in 2018 that Donald Trump directed the Pentagon to establish the Space Force.

The intention was to assert America’s dominance in space. It was the first new US military branch in 72 years. The Independent UK explains the personnel to man the force would be diverted from existing airmen and civilians but they would continue to remain a part of the USAF. They are already overseeing offensive operations in space.

The president had made it clear that this addition of a new force would define the future of America’s defense. The flag is bicolor in dark blue and white and incorporates a Delta Wing. This has always been symbolic of the Air Force, signifying change and innovation. Dark and light shades of grey within the delta represent the round-the-clock nature of the Space Force’s work.

Trump uses the platform of Space Force to drop hints on some new missile

The Guardian makes mention of a hypersonic missile. America apparently tested this missile last year.

Observers feel some new nuclear race is in the offing. This is because of Trump’s reference to some new technology and an increase in spending on nuclear weapons. There has been criticism of Trump’s concept of a Space Force. In fact, Netflix plans to release a comedy based on this. A section of the media raised the issue of the “super duper missile” during a Pentagon press call. Defense secretary Mark Esper apparently confirmed it but a spokesman preferred to sidestep the issue and referred the questions back to the White House.

Donald Trump opens up during presentation of Space Force flag

According to Independent UK, Donald Trump opened up about a “super duper missile.” It was during the presentation of Space Force flag at Oval Office.

His revelation caught the Pentagon off guard and it had to comment on the subject. The subject was the development of hypersonic weapons. Donald Trump looks at them as a new “super duper missile.” He explained to reporters present that in view of the changing situations with our adversaries, the country has to be ready and not be caught by surprise. Hence, America is exploring options to outwit countries like China and Russia, and a “super duper missile” is a probable answer.