US President Donald Trump has taken a bold step by creating the United States Space Force. It is the newest military service to look after the interests of America during activities that relate to outer space. With every passing day, more and more countries are venturing into outer space. Once, that used to be an area accessible to only a few but times have changed and there is a need to have a separate force to protect the domain. White House describes it as a "historic step".

CNN reports that the new designation of the US Air Force Space Command is the United States Space Force.

Gen. John Raymond has confirmed this to the Pentagon. He is the commander of US Space Command and Air Force Space Command. He has also indicated that the staffing of the new unit will be from existing personnel who have specialized in fields like intelligence, engineering, and acquisition. Their duties will focus mostly on outer space, and space operators.

Space Force is a new concept

Gen. John Raymond explained that this new service will be “lean and agile” and will rely on the USAF for support functions. This will be a specialized branch and manpower will initially be diverted from the Air Force. Raymond also said Air Force Secretary Barbara Barrett would oversee the new service. She said this would not be a “labor-intensive service" but would be technology-based.

As an example, she mentioned the Global Positioning System (GPS). Only a handful of personnel operates the system used by both the US government and commercial enterprise.

CNN goes on to add that the authorities have identified six bases for the United States Space Force and two of these could be in Colorado and California where Air Force bases exist.

This is just the beginning. The new setup will have to work out details of Space Force uniforms, logos, and songs. It will be a new area but could become a vital one in view of the growing strategical importance of outer space.

Trump focuses on warfare in space

According to the BBC, President Donald Trump has taken the lead to focus on warfare in space.

us space force is a new military service under the US Air Force. Its main purpose will be to extend protection to the US assets in outer space. There are hundreds of satellites in space sent into orbit by different countries. Most of them fall into the category of weather or communication satellites. However, many of them could have an undisclosed agenda.

The Big Powers always try to prove their superiority and already there is competition between technologically advanced countries to land on the moon. They want to explore possibilities of exploiting its natural resources. America has now taken a stand by declaring the formation of a force that would ensure the safety of the country and its assets. It is a bold step and others could follow. The future battleground could be in outer space.