Mike Bloomberg drops his presidential bid after Super Tuesday. He entered the race late and was focusing on Super Tuesday. The Federalist reported he spent $550 million of his own money on his failed bid for president.

His campaign showed promise in the beginning. He became the front runner. He was not a part of the debates until the last two debates held by the Democratic Party.

The end of Mike Bloomberg’s campaign for president

He bought advertising in the states that held Super Tuesday contests. This strategy was working and he garnered respectable poll numbers.

On the television, he looked like the perfect candidate. However, the Democratic party changed the rules to qualify for the debates. They dropped the rule of a certain number of individual donations since Bloomberg was using his own money and not soliciting donations.

This did not end well for Bloomberg. He was the front runner, and that put a target on his back. The other democrats attacked him. Mike Bloomberg sputtered, and that led to his downfall and the end of his campaign.

Attacks on Mike Bloomberg

Elizabeth Warren attacked Bloomberg’s employment record for women that worked for him as reported by Breitbart. Former female employees of his company stated that they had a non-disclosure agreement.

Bloomberg released the women from their agreements so they could talk freely about what happened while employed by Bloomberg.

Mike Bloomberg was using his own money for his campaign. He was not using donations or federal money and this led to accusations he was trying to buy the election.

That money led to philanthropic efforts that garnered him national attention.

He helped inner-city dwellers with these efforts. Mayors widely accepted him because he was once the mayor of New York City.

Those are examples of the allegations that he used his money to buy the election. He did not involve himself with these activities while he was campaigning.

Mike Bloomberg’s use of his money

The race to become president is expensive.

Most candidates ask donors to help fund their campaigns. They raise funds in the millions of dollars. Bloomberg was not getting donations and he was using his own money. Before withdrawing from the race, Mike Bloomberg earned 44 delegates. He won the primary in American Samoa but did not win one state on Super Tuesday. He used 5.1 million dollars on each delegate he won.

With his withdrawal from the race, he took the path of his two prior drop-outs, Amy Klobuchar and Pete Buttigieg. He endorsed Biden. He wanted to unite with the candidate that has the opportunity to defeat Donald Trump in November.

Mike Bloomberg entered the race late because he believed he was that candidate. 550 million dollars later and he was defeated. He will now use his resources to help Biden get elected for President.