Joe Biden’s campaign was in trouble. He had a poor showing in the Iowa caucus and New Hampshire primary. The rumors were that his campaign was in real trouble.

He kept stating that wait until South Carolina, and he backed up that statement with a resounding victory in South Carolina. The whole campaign changed at that moment.

After Biden’s victory, there were suspensions of campaigns. Pete Buttigieg dropped out on Sunday. Amy Klobuchar dropped out the following day. Both individuals endorsed Joe Biden for president.

Joe Biden overcomes poor polling numbers

He was not looking strong in the polls before Super Tuesday. The polls could not accurately predict the recent drop-outs. He overcame those polling numbers and won big on Super Tuesday, taking ten out of the 14 states.

Joe Biden was behind in the delegate count before Super Tuesday. He does not have an insurmountable lead to secure the nomination. He sustained the momentum from South Carolina.

The polls on Tuesday morning, as reported by the New York Post showed Biden leading in six of the 14 states on Super Tuesday. Those states were Alabama, Arkansas, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Virginia. Joe Biden won all those states and did not lose any of those states.

On Tuesday morning, Bernie Sanders led all the rest of the states, excluding Massachusetts. Elizabeth Warren led that race. Biden and Sanders polled in second in that race.

The next states turned the tide for Biden. Sanders led seven states and finished Super Tuesday with four victories in California, Colorado, Vermont, and Virginia.

The rest went to Biden.

The focus will be on Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, and Texas. These are the states that Biden picked up after trailing in the polling data. He overcame some large margins.

Maine was showing Biden behind Sanders by 13.5 percent. This was his largest margin that he overcame to win. The threshold for getting delegates in 15 percent that means he almost overcame the amount needed to gain delegates.

Minnesota was the other state. Amy Klobuchar, who is the senator from Minnesota, gave her endorsement of Biden on Monday before Super Tuesday after she dropped out. This helped Biden overcome the 5 percent that he was trailing in Minnesota.

Texas was a tough fight on Super Tuesday going back and forth between Biden and Sanders. He overcame the polling number, but the difference was 1.5 percent. The primary was close up to the end, but Biden won the state.

The most interesting state was New Hampshire. Elizabeth Warren is the senator from that state, and she was running for the nomination. She was leading both Biden and Sanders by 2 percent. He won the state and Warren finished in third place after Biden and Sanders.

Sanders did not improve on the night. Biden improved mightily and surprised a lot of people on Tuesday night. He stole four states from Sanders.

Joe Biden reinvigorated the campaign ready for the next races.

His campaign was on life support a week ago. He got a big win in South Carolina. That momentum carried him to surprise wins in the four states he overcame deficits to win. The campaign depends on that momentum.

Even though he was leading in the polls before Super Tuesday in North Carolina and Virginia, prior polls before South Carolina showed him losing in Virginia, sometimes running second or third in that state. North Carolina polls showed that he was in a tight race with Bernie Sanders.

Momentum in this year’s primary is important. People want a candidate that can win the general election in November. A week ago, the results were not looking that he would be a strong candidate in the general presidential election.

Biden’s strengths on Super Tuesday came from three demographics. The first is the African-American vote. The second is the older voters, and the last source is last-minute deciders.

Biden dominated the African-American vote in the southern states. This continued the trend from South Carolina, where he dominated that demographic. Even the states he lost, he performed well with this sector of voters.

The next demographic was older voters. Bernie Sanders dominates the younger voters while Joe Biden won the older voters.

The older voters turned out for Biden in a greater force than the younger voters.

The last reason he won was the last-minute decision-makers. Some voters did not decide until 24 hours before Super Tuesday. This was part of the momentum from South Carolina for Joe Biden and also from the recent drop-outs of different candidates.

People who decided at the last moment overwhelmingly chose Biden. In the state of Minnesota, which was directly affected by Amy Klobuchar dropping out of the race and endorsing Biden for president.

Joe Biden’s strong showing on Super Tuesday propelled him into the delegate lead. His momentum changed after South Carolina. If Joe Biden can continue his momentum, then he will become the Democrat’s nomination for president.