After the Super Tuesday voting, Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders emerged as the top two contenders of the Democratic Party seeking nomination to take on Donald Trump. The race saw many hopefuls enter the race but gradually the numbers kept reducing and the picture is getting clear. The balance has tilted in favor of Joe Biden who now has a 13-point lead over Bernie and held sway in over 10 of 14 states, thanks to the endorsement of some rivals.

One of them was billionaire Mike Bloomberg. Observers describe the results as a dramatic swing. Biden and Sanders will battle it out in Midwest battlegrounds next week to determine the probable nominee.

Less than two weeks ago, Sanders was in the lead but the situation kept changing. He made some comments recently regarding the regime of Fidel Castro in Cuba. That could have affected the pattern of voting.

Daily Mail UK mentions the presidential campaigns of Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders. The focus of each is on Michigan, which is their next critical battleground. Biden hopes to win in the state where Sanders registered a win over Hillary Clinton in 2016. Michigan is one of the six states that vote on March 10 – another Tuesday. Biden is the frontrunner and he would like to maintain the winning streak.

Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden plan rallies

Both camps are working out strategies that could pay dividends.

Joe Biden has plans for a rally in Detroit, apart from a fundraiser. There will be an event in Ann Arbor in order to mobilize the student community of the University of Michigan. The youth can make or break a campaign and need careful handling. They are the future and those in power have to ensure that their demands are given due priority.

Biden’s campaign gained momentum when he got the endorsements of Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and former Gov. Jennifer Granholm. Biden wants to prove that he can challenge Trump over issues related to working families.

Daily Mail UK says Biden’s adversary Bernie Sanders has programed rallies in Detroit and Grand Rapids. He scored a crucial win there in 2016 against Hillary Clinton.

Incidentally, Michigan is important on the electoral map since it is a traditionally Democratic state and it was here that Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton. It remains to be seen which candidate makes it big. A new Detroit News poll gives Biden some advantage. Sen. Elizabeth Warren has withdrawn from the race following her Super Tuesday rally in Detroit.

Texas saw Joe Biden surge ahead

According to Houston Chronicle, Texas gave a fillip to the campaign of former vice president Joe Biden who had been trailing behind Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders. The Biden surge cemented his place in the Democratic Party’s race for selecting the nominee to face Donald Trump in the final round. Former presidential contender, Beto O’Rourke endorsed Biden that helped him to win.

In fact, Biden gave full credit to O’Rourke for helping him out in Texas on the day of the election. Biden also thanked the minority voters in Houston. Speaking at a rally in Texas he said, “I am very much alive because of you.” In spite of pumping millions into his campaign, former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg was in third place behind both Biden and Sanders. He said, “Our campaign is a fight for America’s ideals and values.”

Joe Biden hopes to become the next POTUS

The Democratic Party had a tough task to zero in on the most suitable candidate who could pose a challenge to Donald Trump. The party had to tackle a record number of hopefuls from different occupations and included stalwarts and newbies.

As the race proceeded, many of them became also-rans and only the best remained in contention. Right now, Joe Biden is in the lead and it could be a close finish to the winning post. He hopes to become the next POTUS.