The search for missing woman Jordan Lampus has ended after authorities have announced that she has been located safely. The Pennsylvania woman was reportedly found in Washington state, but questions do remain in her case.

The missing woman traveled nearly 2,500 miles

Jordan Lampus went missing in Erie, Pennsylvania, and her van was located earlier this week all the way in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Oil City News reports that she has been located in Seattle, Washington, and appears to be safe and unharmed. Her family has been notified of this latest development in the case, and they have reportedly flown to Seattle to reunite with their missing daughter.

Questions remain in the mysterious disappearance of Jordan Lampus

It's amazing news that this woman was located safe and unharmed, especially after news broke that her van was found abandoned in Wyoming. Usually, when a missing woman's vehicle is found abandoned, this indicates that they have fallen victim to foul play. That doesn't seem to be the case in the disappearance of Jordan Lampus.

Investigators have declared that there are no other details to be made public at this time, but that leaves a lot to the imagination. What could have caused Jordan's disappearance? Keep in mind that during her case attracted a load of media attention, with numerous people across several states looking for her.

Those people certainly want answers behind why this young woman was missing.

Similar disappearances come with shady stories

Media reports seem to imply that Jordan Lampus was missing voluntarily, which would mean that she allowed the search to go one for her as though she was missing. There are similar Viral Stories to this one, but the details always pointed to shady motives.

For example, a teenager in the Bronx faked her own abduction in 2019, which sparked an Amber Alert and tremendous media attention. Of course, she was voluntarily missing, which upset a lot of people in the end. The Amber Alert system is intended to help legitimately abducted children, and exploiting it to run away from home only hurt actual kidnapped children in the end.

Also, in 2019, a woman faked her own kidnapping to draw attention away from her own criminal behaviors. New York Post reports that Virginia Saavedra hoaxed an abduction so she could try to get away with stealing a car. Another woman in the same year was charged with filing false police reports after she faked her own abduction. She allegedly told her boyfriend she'd been abducted in order to get attention, but she didn't expect him to call 911 to demand an intensive police search for his beloved.

Why do you think Jordan Lampus went missing? Was she hoaxing an abduction, or did she simply try to disappear on her own?