The battle of Democrats to gain control of the White House sees the entry of another woman in the fray. She is 69-year-old Senator Elizabeth Warren who wants to wage a war against economic inequality. She feels it will give her an edge over other Democrats, set her apart in the crowd of hopefuls in her party and influence her voters. She has formally launched her presidential bid in Massachusetts from a site that witnessed a strike by immigrant factory workers nearly a century ago.

The Guardian reports Senator Elizabeth Warren was the first high-profile Democrat to explore possibilities of a White House bid and form an exploratory committee on New Year’s Eve.

After her formal announcement, she said, “This is the fight of our lives.” She not only criticized Donald Trump but also dropped hints about her strategy to attack big businesses and those with wealth. She feels the existing system must be overhauled because it does not benefit ordinary Americans.

Elizabeth Warren has drawn up her schedule

Warren has her task cut out. She will first move to New Hampshire. This is the home to the nation’s first primary and she expects to make an impact which could be attributed to “high name recognition.” She will also be in Iowa where she will face her first test.

The Guardian adds there will be many contenders in the Democratic primary field with the likes of Kamala Harris and the initial round of debates could be in June, with the first round of voting in January 2020.

A former law professor at Harvard University, Elizabeth Warren specialized in certain branches that came in handy for former president Barack Obama to tackle irregularities in financial dealings.

She has come from humble beginnings and used to be a Republican during the 1990s but later changed tracks. She wants to improve the lot of the weaker section of society and has her own ideas of implementing them.

Her dreams are for a new America

According to USA Today, Elizabeth Warren made no bones about her intentions. While announcing her candidature for President of the United States of America she said that she wants an “America that works for everyone."

She mentioned about a few of her ideas that included topics that voters want to hear: topics like increasing the minimum wage, Medicare and the importance of immigrants who contribute towards nation building.

She will have to face other Democrats, some of whom are women in the category of high-profile candidates. It is possible this time there could be someone out there who might unseat Donald Trump and become the first woman President.