A press conference was held on December 13, 2019, at Mohave County by Pegasus Group Holdings who own the world's largest solar-powered data center which is commonly known as "The Hive." Representatives of Mohave County, included County Supervisor Jean Bishop, County Supervisor Hildy Angius, County Manager Michael Hendrix, and Director of Mohave County Economic Development Tami Ursenbach. All offered praise to Pegasus Group Holdings.

Dan Briggs, President of Pegasus Group Holdings, announced Pegasus Group Holdings had recently acquired a staggering 770 acres of land adjacent to The Hive's current location.

Now with a total of almost 1,500 acres Briggs, who is the grandson of the Las Vegas casino owner Mitzi Briggs, explained "phase two" of the multi-billion dollar solar development's project's future, "We're going to need every inch of that land as we continue to grow. Refine what we are doing and take this into something that I want everyone to be proud of in Mohave County."

Chairman Bloom Weighs In

Jay Bloom, Chairman of Pegasus Group Holdings, is an internationally recognized business leader and innovator. Chairman Bloom offered, "A little less than a year ago we were out trying to find a site that would be appropriate for this project. We looked all over the world and we settled here. We settled here because of the climate and because of the opportunities with land availability.

And what we found is so much more." The Chairman continued, "The level of support we have received from the local and state government has been tremendous and that was a big factor here in continuing to expand here within the county. We could not be happier with the relationship. We are looking forward to this expansion and what it means.

We've spent millions of dollars into the local economy just getting set up and we are just getting rolling. I wanted to thank you for your support." The full video is attached to this article below so do not miss out.

Pegasus Group Holdings

A partner of Pegasus Group Holdings, Las Vegas businessman Michael Evers, acknowledged the tremendous support of the community, "We could not be more pleased with the reception and support of the governments of the cities of Kingman, Bull Head, and Havasu, as well as Mohave County and the State Of Arizona.

Their continued support has made this expansion at The Hive possible.” Also present was Pegasus Group Holdings partner Albert Ramirez who is widely credited for having been the first member of the elite financial organization who conceptualized The Hive. Ramirez has earned a reputation as a savvy investor and financier who has been connected to organizations which are worth tens of billions