US President Donald Trump was keen to host the G7 summit of 2020 at his Doral golf resort in Florida. However, the Democratic Party criticized the decision as did some members of his own Republican Party. There were accusations that hosting an international event at a private resort owned by his family was unethical. Some could interpret it as an attempt to use the presidency to enrich an individual. The president’s acting chief of staff Mick Mulvaney had said earlier that the White House's staff had concluded the Doral resort was the best location for the summit.

He added that officials had visited several sites in the country before arriving at their decision. However, Mick Mulvaney now admits - "I think he knows people think it looks lousy."

Sky News says Mick Mulvaney justifies Trump’s decision of selecting his golf resort. While interacting with a section of the media, Mick Mulvaney said Donald Trump still has a soft corner for the hospitality business. In selecting Doral golf resort his intention was to offer the absolute best show to the visiting delegates of the G7 summit.

Trump outlined advantages of using his resort

The criticism leveled at his administration appears to have hurt Donald Trump.

He outlined various advantages of using Trump National Doral, in Miami, to host the G-7 Leaders. One of these was its proximity to Miami International Airport. Others included tremendous accommodation along with rooms to conduct meetings. He argued that holding the summit there would mean the United States would not have to pay a single cent for the event.

It would be borne by him. However, Democrats and even some Republicans belonging to his own party did not share his line of thinking.

Sky News talks of alternative venues. One option is Camp David, near Washington DC.

It was the venue of the G7 summit of 2012. Incidentally, Mick Mulvaney had ruled it out recently saying it was too small. He had told the media - "I understand the folks who participated in it hated it and thought it was a miserable place to have the G-7." Other sites under consideration are in Hawaii and Utah.

Dates for G7 2020 finalized, not the venue

According to the BBC, there is confusion on the venue of G7 summit in 2020. The dates of the meeting between Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the UK, and the US plus the EU will be from 10 and 12 June next year. However, mystery surrounds the venue. President Donald Trump wanted to hold it in his golf resort in Miami. There was widespread criticism of the proposal and he had to shelve it.

The presidential retreat at Camp David could be the alternate venue to host the international event. It is the same one where former President Barack Obama hosted the 2012 summit and is in Maryland, some 60 miles from Washington.