The gunman was a white male in his 30s and he killed 7 people and injured many more before the police shot him dead. It happened in the west texas cities of Odessa and Midland at around 3 PM on Saturday. The suspect had hijacked two separate vehicles, the first one was a US Postal Service vehicle. He discarded it later and used another one. There was no pattern in his shooting. It was at random and began when he did not give a signal to turn left while driving. That led to an exchange of gunfire with the police.

Sky News quotes Odessa Police Chief Michael Gerke as saying that “at least three police officers were among those shot in the "horrific" incident.” In addition, a toddler was a victim and is in hospital.

The police initially feared there were possibly two gunmen in separate vehicles and shooting people at random. However, the police chief confirmed there was a single man responsible because there are no more victims after the elimination of the gunman. The police have not disclosed his identity.

Condition of some victims serious

Midland police officially stated via Facebook "The active shooter was shot and killed at the Cinergy in Odessa." This is a multiplex cinema complex in Odessa.

As to the injured, the CEO of the hospital indicated 13 victims were treated and one did not survive. He added that the condition of some is critical and a few are serious. Midland Mayor Jerry Morales admitted that the motive of the shooter remains a mystery.

Sky News adds that US President Donald Trump was aware of the incident.

Vice President Mike Pence said the POTUS was closely monitoring the investigation. This shooting in Odessa and Midland comes after the shooting at a Walmart store on 2 August. It led to the death of 22 people. Two shootings in a single month is a serious matter. Texas governor Greg Abbott held meetings with lawmakers. He wants to evolve a method to prevent such incidents of violence.

Incidentally, with this shooting, the number of mass killings in the United States is 25 until date. In comparison, this was the same as the total figure for last year.

Shooting spree in Texas kills seven

According to CNN, there was a second mass shooting in Texas in August. This time it happened in Odessa and Midland with seven killed, including the gunman who fell to police bullets. Some more suffered injuries, three of them were law enforcement officers. The earlier incident was four weeks ago where a gunman killed 22 people in El Paso. This city is about 285 miles west of Odessa.

Democratic presidential candidate and Texas native Beto O'Rourke said - "We need to end this epidemic." The problem appears to be easy availability of firearms and prevention of violence with such weapons is possible when there are strict gun control laws in place.