The search for little Nalani Johnson has come to a horrifying end. Pittsburgh's Action 4 News says her body was discovered in a park in Indiana County, near the Burrell township. The source mentioned that authorities could be seen marking off the area with yellow tape. Although they have two people in custody, they're still searching for others who could've possibly been involved.

The reports stated that they're asking anyone with surveillance videos along the Route 22 corridor to come forward with footage from between 5:23 PM and 7:25 PM on Saturday, August 31.

The contact number is 1-833-255-8477.

Nalani Johnson: Here's how the incident reportedly unfolded

The heart-aching situation started in the Penn Hills township of Pennsylvania. A father, Paul Johnson, had arrived at his destination via an alleged Uber driver — 25-year-old Sharena Nancy. CNN reported that Paul stepped out of Nancy's vehicle, but before he could get Nalani from her car seat, Sharena drove off with Johnson's daughter. The report stated that Johnson attempted to call Nancy several times after she left the scene with Nalani. However, he said she wouldn't answer her phone. This was around 5 PM.

According to CNN, Johnson and Nancy had started an "intermittent romantic relationship" with each other via social media.

Reportedly, Sharena had spent many hours around Nalani and another friend earlier on Saturday, August 31. However, an argument began between Johnson and Nancy later, supposedly on the car ride, according to Allegheny County Police Superintendent Coleman McDonough.

During a traffic stop, police authorities discovered and arrested Sharena Nancy.

Unfortunately, she didn't have Nalani Johnson in the vehicle with her. Upon her arrest, she gave law enforcement her side of the story. Nancy told them that Nalani's dad sold her to someone for $10,000 and asked Sharena to drop the toddler off. The reports stated that Nancy showed authorities a picture of a black woman to whom she was supposed to leave the child — approximately 20 minutes from a gas station in Monroeville, somewhere along US Route 22.

Sharena Nancy told authorities that she found the person and dropped the child off. Then, allegedly, she drove around while smoking cigarettes and talking to her husband via phone call. However, police stated that there's no evidence to support Nancy's story regarding her involvement in the abduction of Nalani Johnson. But the Johnson family has been fully cooperative in the investigation. With that in mind, she's being held without bail at the Allegheny County jail. She's been charged with the following crimes:

  • kidnapping of a minor,
  • interference with custody of children,
  • and concealment of whereabouts of a child.