As investigations continue, officials have uncovered the fact that Tad Cummins, the teacher suspected of abducting his student, Elizabeth Thomas, had been researching both "teen marriage" and features of his own car online prior to the disappearance.

Blasting News recently reported on the second Amber Alert issued on the missing 15-year-old Tennessee girl. Her teacher, Cummins, 50, is suspected of abducting his student, Elizabeth Thomas, who has now been missing since March 13. Now further information is coming to light about the former teacher, who was fired by the school district the day after Thomas disappeared.

According to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI), Cummins performed an online search about “teen marriage” and also, reportedly, searched online to find out if his vehicle had certain features which made it possible for law enforcement to track his car. Cummins is currently wanted on charges of aggravated kidnapping, along with sexual contact with a minor.

Inappropriate contact between teacher and teenage student

TBI has now released a photo of Cummins with Thomas taken at the Culleoka Unit School, reportedly just days before the teacher allegedly had “inappropriate contact" with the teenager.

One of Thomas’ classmates had said he had seen the teacher kissing Elizabeth in the classroom on January 23.

However, both Cummins and Thomas reportedly denied this claim. According to a report by the New York Post, the teacher was later suspended for the incident, which was followed by him losing his job the day after Elizabeth disappeared. According to ABC News, Thomas’ sister, Sarah, told them that Elizabeth was bullied by both her teachers and fellow students after the alleged kiss was reported and had told her she had to get away, adding the words, “we have to get away.”

Sarah told ABC that Elizabeth had woken her on the day she disappeared.

She reportedly said her sister should call the police if she didn’t arrive home by 6 p.m. that evening. When Elizabeth didn’t arrive home that evening, Sarah then became scared, feeling it was her fault and maybe she could have done something to prevent the abduction.

Teacher is armed and dangerous

According to the TBI, they believe Cummins could have been abusing his role as teacher by grooming the teenager, with the plan being to eventually exploit her sexually.

Authorities say Cummins is believed to have two firearms in his possession and they say the girl is “in imminent danger.” A spokesman for TBI, Josh DeVine, said that neither Cummins nor Thomas has contacted any family members. He added that despite receiving 600 tips, there have been no credible sightings of the pair, which he says is very rare.

Teacher’s wife pleads with him to come home

Cummins’ wife, Jill, told the media she had no idea her husband was involved in something like this and that her heart is breaking for Elizabeth’s family. She went on to plead with Cummins on Friday to “come home,” saying this is not who he is and that the family wants him back. Anthony Thomas, Elizabeth’s father, pleaded with his daughter in an interview with ABC News on Monday, asking her to let them know if she is OK and to please return home.