Florida is bracing up to face the fury of hurricane dorian. It could end up as a Category 5 storm in case wind speeds go beyond the 157 mph mark. The tropical storm Dorian is at present classified as a Category 1 with 85-mph winds and heavy rains. However, there are indications that it could intensify over the next couple of days and become a Category 4. If that happens, it could mean gales of more than 130 mph. Residents are understandably in panic and have resorted to stocking up on essentials. In such situations, there could be power outages and even floods apart from damages to infrastructures.

These could affect Travel because of disruption in communication links by road and air. Therefore, people must be prepared for the worst and be ready with alternatives.

New York Post quotes Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis as saying the storm was “a cone of uncertainty that stretches the entire state.” He initially declared a state of emergency along the eastern and central portions of the state on Wednesday and later extended it to cover all the counties on Thursday.

Hurricane Dorian could spell trouble

A senior meteorologist has warned that Hurricane Dorian is unpredictable like any climatic disorder.

He is associated with AccuWeather and cautions, “a category 5 is on the table before reaching the US coast.” It is a fact that Florida is in its sights but it is difficult to say with certainty where exactly it will make landfall. It could be anywhere along the 500-mile stretch.

The New York Post adds that during an interaction with a section of the media, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis said – “The time to act is now.

Do not wait until it’s too late.” His advice to residents was to stock up on at least seven days of supplies. Many shoppers made a beeline to purchase plywood to shore up their homes.

East coast at risk

According to The Guardian, the governor of Florida has declared a state of emergency in view of Hurricane Dorian. President Donald Trump has canceled his forthcoming trip this weekend to Poland and vice-president Mike Pence will go instead.

Incidentally, Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort is in southern Florida, a potential danger zone. The hurricane could make landfall on Florida’s east coast Monday as a category 4 storm. This is the Labor Day holiday in the US. Georgia is in the path of the hurricane and Governor Brian Kemp has also declared a state of emergency for the counties nearest the state’s coastline. He says – the storm “has the potential to produce catastrophic impacts to citizens.” Residents flocked to grocery stores and gas stations to stock up on important household items in anticipation of the impending storm. The hurricane center cautioned about the possibility of heavy rains in some portions of the Bahamas, Florida, and elsewhere in the southeastern United States.