The U.S. president is exploring the positives of greenland and has been enquiring through his White House counsel about its potentials. The ice-covered Danish territory has an abundant supply of natural resources and boasts of geopolitical importance. Hence, Donald Trump has his eyes on this huge expanse of 811,000 square miles with a population of around 56,000 that lies between North Atlantic and Arctic oceans. He considers it a good buy and plans to visit Denmark next month. Greenland is a part of the Kingdom of Denmark. There is no apparent link between the visit and his designs on acquiring the territory.

Wall Street Journal reports that the president is trying to get the lowdown on this property from different sources. The United States already has a defense set up there in the form of the Thule Air Base. The radar station there is part of a ballistic missile early-warning system. The base doubles up as a USAF Space Command and the North American Aerospace Defense Command. In 2018, China wanted to finance three airports there but the Pentagon stepped in and blocked the efforts.

America tried to buy Greenland in the past

The interest shown by US President Donald Trump is not something new to America.

Greenland is technically a part of North America. However, Europe influences its culture and political identity. After World War II, there was a proposal to buy it from Denmark. It was during the tenure of President Harry Truman. He felt there was a geopolitical interest in acquiring Greenland. In 1946, he went to the extent of offering $100 million to buy it.

However, Denmark refused to sell. Incidentally, that was the second failed attempt.

Wall Street Journal mentions about this failed earlier attempt of 1867. That was in the form of an inquiry from the State Department to buy Greenland and Iceland.

President Donald Trump is toying with this idea because the island has natural resources and acquiring it would be beneficial. Moreover, it could compare with the action taken by President Dwight Eisenhower when he included Alaska as another American state.

Greenland in the limelight

According to The Guardian, all of a sudden there are news that the US president has “expressed interest” in buying Greenland. It is an icy territory with innumerable glaciers and it is difficult to arrive at its true valuation. America already has a base on the island where there are 600 personnel at work associated with the country’s global radar system. President Donald Trump plans to Travel to Denmark next month.

It will be his first official visit to the kingdom, and knowledgeable sources say Greenland is not on his agenda. It seems he raised the subject at a dinner last year and wanted to know if buying the island would be a good idea.