According to Yahoo News, an Arkansas jail administrator's wife, Jerri Kelly, was arrested and charged with assault days after police report that she pulled a gun on four black teens who were raising money door-to-door for their high school football team. The incident happened in Wynne, Arkansas, approximately 100 miles northeast of the capital. Reportedly, city police stated the African-American teens were allegedly assaulted on August 7. Yahoo said authorities were responding to a "suspicious persons" call. Once they arrived on-scene, they found four black children on the ground.

Jerri Kelly was reportedly standing over them while holding a gun.

While it's no secret that several illegitimate calls to police have been made against black teens during recent years, launching numerous hashtags like #PermitPatty, #BBQBecky, and #SidewalkSusan, this particular situation could've meant life or death to these African-American teens. Thankfully, the responding officer had far more sense than Kelly and instructed the children to stand.

Once they explained selling discount cards to raise money for their school athletic program, they were released. Two teens were actually wearing the school's jerseys.

Days later on Monday, August 12, 46-year-old Jerri Kelly was charged with:

  • aggravated assault
  • false imprisonment
  • and endangering the welfare of a minor.

Cause of rampant PTSD among black teens

A warrant for Kelly's arrest was issued, according to Cross County Sheriff's Department Captain Jeff Nichols.

After learning of this, the gun-wielding woman turned herself in on Monday evening. However, Yahoo News reported that she was released the same night on a $10,000 bond. The source mentioned that Jerri Kelly is the wife of Cross County Jail Administrator Joseph Kelly. Journalists attempted to reach her for comment on Thursday, August 15 and she hasn't, as of yet, become available.

Likewise, there was no clarity on whether Mrs. Kelly had an attorney available for comment. But that's apparently not the icing on the cake.

After her arrest for allegedly assaulting the four black teens, she was taken to Cross County Jail for booking. However, according to Captain Nichols, Kelly didn't take a mugshot because she suddenly had a "medical emergency" while being booked.

How convenient?

The captain stated that he couldn't release more information on the matter. According to Yahoo, authorities mentioned medical privacy laws as a confidential reason. But the community wasn't having it. She ended up coming back to the jail, on Thursday, after the initial morning court appearance. At that time, she had her mugshot taken. Apparently, there had been prior backlash regarding her previous "pass." However, the captain stated that Jerri Kelly wasn't shown any biased treatment during her initial booking.

Black teen says he 'made peace with God,' as Kelly placed the gun to his head

Local resident Bill Winkler stated that he's lived in this particular neighborhood for 40 years, and it's normal to see children selling discount cards around this time of year.

According to him, it happens just before the season starts, "late summer," "early fall." With that being said, it was nothing new to Jerri Kelly. So why, when four black teens came to the door with their cards, did she hold them at gunpoint and make them lay on the ground until police arrived?

Wynne School District Superintendent Carl Easley said that, due to this incident, the district is considering putting a halt to door-to-door fundraisers, altogether.

If you're interested in the local coverage, a video is included below.

Warning: The following video contains strong language which some viewers may find offensive. Discretion is advised.