There are twenty Democratic Party candidates in the 2020 Presidential race. There are seasoned campaigners and newcomers. A few of them are women. With so many in the fray, it will be a tough fight and the world will be keeping a watch on how the dice falls. The venue for the second round of the primary debates is Detroit. Many will try to hog the spotlight, while there will be others who will try to improve upon their earlier performances in the first round of the debates.

Fox News reports that on the first day of the primary debates at Detroit, all eyes will be on Vermont Sen.

Bernie Sanders and Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren. They will be at the center of the stage because they are ahead of others in the race. The contenders to look out for on the second night will be New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, former Vice President Joe Biden, California Sen. Kamala Harris, Hawaii Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, and New York Mayor Bill de Blasio.

It will be a fight to the finish

Each of the twenty Democratic Party candidates hopes to bag the nomination to contest against Donald Trump and deny him a second term in office.

There are veterans in the field apart from newcomers and women. Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders have already launched attacks on Kamala Harris for her “Medicare-for-all” health care plan. The attacks came soon after she unveiled it Monday. Fox News says that in the opinion of an expert “Biden has the most to lose and Harris has the most to gain from the second round of debates.”

Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren appear to be forerunners

According to The Guardian, 2020 Democratic presidential candidates will assemble in Detroit for the second round of televised debates.

It will be spread over two nights. Each night there will be ten contenders. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren will be on the national stage for the first time.

Each of them has an agenda to woo the public and they want to restrict Trump to a single term. The first round of debates was in Miami, Florida last month. There are 20 Democratic Party candidates and one of them will win the race for the nomination.

Obviously, for many, Detroit will be their last chance to impress the American public. In case they do not succeed, they will have to leave the stage. The focus will be on Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. They are popular and are icons of the grassroots. Another pair is that of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. They had an encounter in Miami on the subjects of race and segregation. Interestingly, two out of these top four contenders are women.

The Guardian adds that the next round of debates will be in Houston, Texas on 12-13 September. There are certain parameters defined for gaining entry to that debate. In case there are not enough qualifiers, it will be a one-night debate instead of two.