Things have been quiet on the Korean front after the Hanoi summit on denuclearization that was a nonstarter. Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump met face-to-face, for the first time, in Singapore. It was their first summit and was basically an exercise in sizing things up by both sides. Hence, there was hope for a positive outcome from the second summit in Hanoi. That, unfortunately, did not happen. That failure was a disappointment for both the leaders but it has apparently not affected the bonding between the two. This is because Trump had received a letter from Kim, some time back, and has since sent a reply.

North Korean state news agency KCNA has stated, “North Korean leader Kim Jong Un received a personal letter from US President Donald Trump.”

CNN reports Kim Jong-un is apparently happy at receiving such a communication from US President Donald Trump. The North Korean leader has read the letter and described its contents as “excellent.” He appreciated the "extraordinary courage of President Trump" and indicated that he would give some thought to its serious content.

Letters are positive signs

Kim Jong-un took the initiative of writing letters and Donald Trump, the recipient, alluded to as much. During talks with reporters, he mentioned the “beautiful letter” he had received from Kim. He did not disclose the contents but said, "I appreciated the letter." It was the first indication of a probable thaw in the relationship after the sudden end to the Hanoi summit in February.

Those in the know say the letter did not make any mention of the stalled denuclearization talks between North Korea and the United States. It seems the letter was a "birthday greeting." Incidentally, Trump's birthday was that week and Kim Jong-un had wished the President good health.

CNN adds that the White House declined to comment but the office of the president of South Korea says the two leaders have exchanged such letters in the past.

This office evaluates such communication from the point of view of continuing the momentum of the US-North Korea talks. Moon Jae-in, president of South Korea had played an important role in bringing the two leaders to the table in Singapore for talks on denuclearization.

Now it is the time for letter diplomacy

According to BBC, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un recently received a personal letter from President Donald Trump.

It impressed the President who called it "excellent." He praised the sender’s "extraordinary courage” and added that he would "seriously contemplate the interesting content." Details of the letters are secret but one thing is certain – these are examples of letter diplomacy. In recent months, President Trump has spoken warmly about Kim saying that North Korea, under Mr. Kim's leadership, had "tremendous potential." Moreover, during a recent visit to Japan, Trump praised Kim sky high and said he had high expectations from him.