There are as many as 20 Democrats in the field to oust President Donald Trump next year and take over control of the White House and some of them are women. Former Vice President 76-year-old Joe Biden is the latest to join the race. He worked under Barack Obama, is a lifelong politician, which has obvious advantages with his vast international and legislative experience. Those are his plus points that will put him in a separate league from others.

New York Post reports that Joe Biden, the veteran Democrat, hopes to have an edge by virtue of his working-class appeal and links with former president Barack Obama.

He knows the field is crowded but feels these qualities would help him to get a foothold in the scheme of things in the Democratic Party. Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, another hopeful, is leading many polls and he has proved his ability to raise funds. Donald Trump might have to finally face Joe Biden or Bernie Sanders.

Joe Biden’s first White House bid was in 1988

He is senior to Trump by four years and, if he wins, he would become the oldest person ever elected president. Joe Biden considers Barack Obama as his mentor. His philosophy is to act as a “conduit between working-class white voters and the younger, more diverse voters who backed Obama in historic numbers.” His strong connections to the former president is his strength.

However, he is in his 70s and he will have to understand the priorities of the young generation to create a favorable impression among them. Moreover, there are women in the fray and they are unknown factors that could make things difficult.

New York Post says Joe Biden has been eyeing the White House since 1988.

He dropped out of the 2008 race because of low percentage of the vote in the Iowa caucuses. That was when Obama named him as his running mate. In 2016, he stepped aside to make way for Hillary Clinton. He now wants to be a part of the 2020 race. Incidentally, many in the Trump camp consider Biden to be a major re-election threat to Trump because Biden has an appeal among a section of the white working class in the Midwest.

This same group helped Trump to become president.

He has experience on his side

According to BBC, Joe Biden is different from other 2020 Democratic hopefuls like Senators Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris, and Bernie Sanders. He is a former US vice-president who worked under Barack Obama, is an experienced politician, is popular and voters know him by name. These are his positives. He announced his intention to contest via a video and mentioned that the "core values of the nation... our very democracy, everything that has made America America, is at stake." He also said if Donald Trump gets a second term in office, he will “fundamentally alter the character of this nation.”