Superstar singer-songwriter Pink released her eighth studio album titled "Hurts 2B Human" on April 26, 2019, and it's the follow-up to her successful 2017 set "Beautiful Trauma." The new album sounds very much like Pink but this time around, she's pulled back her thick skin with heartfelt lyrics while still delivering the pop punch for which she's become known.

Hurts 2Be Human is classic Pink

Pink's new set retains the sound Pink has built on for more than a decade. The album includes the upbeat tempos that catch radio attention as heard in lead single "Walk Me Home" and the autotune-tinged "(Hey You) Miss You Sometimes." Evolving with the latest electronic styles heard in pop music, Pink teamed up with Cash Cash to record the song "Can We Pretend" where she's looking back to her younger years at a point that she was a little more carefree.

Ala her classic vibe, Pink also partnered with Beck on the midtempo track "We Could Have It All" which stands out as a highlight on the new album.

Pink includes more tender songs on latest album

Pink has always been tough but also has always had a way of pulling at heartstrings. The first taste of tenderness arrives on track four, "My Attic," a song written about keeping her past stored away hoping one day that its contents will be revealed. On "Love Me Anyway," Pink duets with country star Chris Stapleton, a tender ballad with hints of country that expresses insecurities asking if they could be overlooked. On "Circle Game," Pink is, yet again, experiencing the nostalgia of being "daddy's little girl" while growing up into the parent she is today.

The album's closer, "The Last Song of Your Life," could have been included on the emotionally charged 2014 side project "rose ave." under the alias of You+Me with Dallas Green.

As Pink nears 40, she seems to still reminisce about the past giving her insights on what she's learned. She's now able to pass that knowledge on to her children as heard in the 2017 MTV VMA speech that went viral about self-image.

"Hard 2B Human" touches on aspects of reality, love and loss, motherhood and human connection.

Pink's previous album "Beautiful Trauma" debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart and gave the pop star a Grammy nomination for Best Pop Vocal Album. It featured the hit "What About Us?" which reached No. 1 on the Adult Top 40 chart as well as the Adult Contemporary tally, a chart that is at times difficult to reach the top 5.

It spawned the consecutive singles "Beautiful Trauma," "Whatever You Want," and "Secrets." Since the release of "Beautiful Trauma," the album has sold over three million copies worldwide. Blasting News dubbed it one of the best albums of October 2017.