Donald Trump took to his Twitter early Monday, April 15, saying that the Mueller report cleared him of obstruction and collusion. This comes ahead of the redacted report expected by Attorney General William Barr this week. In fact, the report could come out as early as today. In his tweet, Trump said that the investigators should be investigated, laying it all at the feet of Hillary Clinton, "DNC," and "dirty cops."

'Investigate the Investigators,' Donald Trump says ahead of the Mueller report

The Mueller report, redacted by AG Barr, could come at any time and the fact that Trump went onto Twitter so early today to talk about it never went amiss by his critics.

After all, it could even drop today. Politico notes that "the 400-page Mueller report, expected to land this week, is the most anticipated political read since Ken Starr, Monica Lewinsky." The report's going to spark a lot of media coverage, no matter how much is hidden from the public. A wild feeding-frenzy from politicians, interest groups, media, critics, and everyday people, is likely to come like a tidal wave.

Getting ahead of the wave, Donald Trump reiterated that the Mueller report cleared him of "obstruction" and "collusion." Some commenters on his post felt he could be jumping the gun on that, and they'll wait to see what comes out of it all. In his post, Donald Trump wrote, "Mueller, and the A.G.

based on Mueller findings (and great intelligence), have already ruled No Collusion, No Obstruction. These were crimes committed by Crooked Hillary, the DNC, Dirty Cops and others! INVESTIGATE THE INVESTIGATORS!"

Commenters note Donald Trump may not be in the clear on the Mueller report just yet

Social media's not the best place if you seek the truth on anything and many people there have their own agendas.

Obviously, some of them are Democrats who just enjoy pushing their "resist" agenda. Others support Donald Trump, hoping he emerges as squeakily-clean as possible. Others, merely concerned citizens also have their say. That's why reading good political commentary helps to filter the rhetoric from the rest on Twitter.

Over on Twitter, Brian Krassenstein, an editor at, and a podcaster said that "Mueller DID not rule that there was no Obstruction.

He punted it, likely to Congress." In a separate post, he wrote, "Mueller also very very likely outlined plenty of condemning evidence to suggest that the Trump campaign may have colluded with Russia."

Well, almost anything could get mined out of this report, so no matter what anyone says, a bit of stuff could easily stick. As Politico noted, "Although Mueller didn’t find enough evidence to charge President Donald Trump for conspiring with Russia to win the White House...the report itself is expected to be rich with details uncovered by the sweeping 22-month investigation."