While Teddy’s Bigger Burgers investigates if and when a real rat was cooked on its grill by a teen employee, the restaurant closed its doors for business while the utensils and kitchen equipment were “replaced,” according to Hawaii News Now (HNN). Teddy’s is not taking the risk while it is determined whether the video, which was shared on Snapchat, is authentic.

Employees responsible for video were fired

Two teen employees, who thought it was a good idea to seemingly grill a rat, make and post a video, and state it was time to “quit Teddy’s,” were fired.

Richard Stula, the president of Teddy’s, was “Horrified,” HNN reported. Not only did the restaurant replace expensive equipment as a result of the alleged grilling incident, but the company is also deciding whether to “pursue legal action,” according to Munchies (a section of VICE).

Teens’ disregarded restaurant’s long-standing reputation

The video of the rat-grilling at Teddy’s went viral after it circulated on Snapchat and Facebook. Until the teens made the video, the restaurant had a stellar, 20-year reputation.

The teens seem to have completely disregarded the damage that would hit Teddy’s as a result of sharing such a video on social media.

Burger joint not re-opening without inspection

The president of Teddy’s made assurances that its Mapunapuna location would not be re-opening until a complete sanitization and inspection occurred, HNN reported.

The Takeout did not mince words in its November 26 reporting of the incident. After citing that it was “dumb” to toss what appears to be a rat onto the grill, it was “idiotic” to videotape it and post it online.

The Department of Health (DOH) is very much aware of the incident. The agency offered a statement that noted its appreciation for the swift and thorough measures that Teddy’s launched to address the situation and remedy the problem.

The DOH commented on the “remedial and proactive efforts undertaken by the restaurant owner to protect public health,” the Takeout reported.

Pest control to check out location

In addition to all the measures that Teddy’s initiated to ensure the restaurant posed no health risk to anyone, the company is also bringing in pest control to assess whether the location has a “rodent infestation problem,” according to the Independent (UK).

Teddy’s Bigger Burgers passed the previous inspection, according to several news agencies, including Fox News and the Guardian (UK).

That the restaurant treated the incident seriously is outstanding. Many social media users think that the teens should be held accountable for their actions.

On Newsweek’s Twitter account, Daniel Romero – @rmrdnl – stated that the teens should undergo “evaluation,” adding, “That’s not a joke… that rat probably had a larger brain than they do.” Twitter user LsuNurse noted in response to HNN’s tweet, “I hope they get prosecuted with a serious crime!”

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