Adam Blosser, senior pastor of the Goshen Baptist Church in Spotsylvania Virginia has a message for his fellow Christians. The conservative preacher says the prosperity gospel that is taught by Joel Osteen is false doctrine and damning heresy. He even goes so far as to say believers in Christ should reject the popular televangelist and the misleading message that he teaches. This will not be good news for the tens of thousands that flock to Lakewood church each week, and the millions who watch the Texas minister's television broadcast. For some, however, Blosser's reveal is simply confirmation of what they have believed about Osteen all along.

Joel Osteen and his doctrine are dangerous

In reaction to Joel Osteen speaking at a nearby venue, the conservative preacher wrote an opinion piece that was published in The Freelance Star. The senior pastor says that Osteen is dangerous because he teaches that God rewards faithful servants with riches on the earth, which is not a sound doctrine from the Bible. Blosser states that Osteen has become rich and famous by teaching those who listen to him, that earthly prosperity is promised in scripture but this contradicts Jesus saying his followers would endure persecution.

The conservative Virginia preacher says this should cause those who know the word of God to walk away from Osteen and his damning heresy.

In addition, Blosser states that the leader of Lakewood Church also teaches that his followers should reject ministries that teach all men are not sinners who need redemption through Christ, which also contradicts scripture.

Virginia preacher says compare Osteen's teaching to the scriptures,

Adam Blosser never personally attacked Joel Osteen, but only comes against the doctrine he teaches.

The Virginia preacher suggests that all Bible-believing Christians should read scripture for themselves and compare what Osteen is teaching with what the word of God actually says. Blosser points out that the prosperity gospel sounds good to itching ears but those who know the word of God should flee from this false message.

According to CBN, Osteen has just released a new book entitled "Next Level Thinking" 10 Powerful Thoughts for a Successful and Abundant Life." An online search reveals that almost all of the Texas preacher's books are about naming it and claiming it and speaking the life you want into existence. This is not what Jesus taught his followers. In addition to Blosser blowing the whistle on prosperity doctrine, Televangelist Benny Hinn recently admitted that he was wrong for teaching that God rewards faithfulness with earthly riches.