Many seminaries and religious leaders pursue their preaching career to spread the word of God, but some of them have become rich and live lavish lifestyles like the corporate elites, politicians, and stars. Many of the ministers make money from writing books, producing songs and speaking engagements. What many people are not aware of is that some of these famous pastors also earn huge salaries which have made them very rich. Here are the wealthiest preachers in the United States.

1. Bishop T.D. Jakes

T.D. Jakes heads the Potter’s Touch television and the Potter’s House megachurch.

According to Daily Spikes, Thomas Dexter Jakes is a famous personality in the US, and high profile leaders including Obama and George W. Bush have been seen with him. Much of his money has come from selling books, gospel music which won him a Grammy Award, and television shows. Jake’s church is based in Dallas Texas and can hold around 5,000 people. T.D. Jakes once attempted to partner with Dr. Phil McGraw for a secular talk show but didn’t succeed.

Networth: $147 million

2. Joyce Meyer

Joyce Meyer is a professional Christian speaker and is among the most influential Evangelicals in America, according to Belief Net. When critics criticize her for her wealth, she responds back by saying that she has no apologies for being blessed.

Joyce Meyer and her husband Dave have four kids, and they own a $10 million jet, several homes each worth up to $2 million, and a Mercedes sedan worth $107,000. Joyce Meyer’s church in Missouri is worth $20 million with $5.7 million worth of furniture.

Networth: $8 million

3. Joel Scott Osteen

Joel Osteen is a best-selling author and the head of Lakewood Church based in Houston, Texas.

According to Christian Political Party, his televised sermons are viewed by millions from all over the world. Osteen has been nicknamed “The Smiling Preacher” and his father John Osteen is the one who founded the television program. Joel Osteen says he focusses on God’s goodness instead of people’s sins and he was quoted as saying that nobody should feel guilty for possessing material wealth.

He owns a $10.5 million home where he lives with his wife Victoria and their two children.

Net Worth: $40 million

4. Pastor Benny Hinn

According to Daily Spikes, Benedictus “Benny” Hinn was born in Israel and raised as an Orthodox Christian. When he was a teenager, he converted to Pentecostalism and dropped out of high school while in Toronto, before he founded the Orlando Christian Center in 1983. He is the most controversial Televangelist in America for his “faith healing.” Despite criticism, he still has a solid fellowship in the United States and Canada. His followers believe his prayers can heal any problem. He owns a Gulfstream G4 jet and other luxurious possessions.

Net worth: $$2 million