Grizzly bear protection won out in Judge Dana Christensen's court. The hunts that hunters hoped for (23 animals slated to die), won't happen at all. The animals will return to the federal protection list, the court ordered. Fox News noted the judge said that the court case had nothing to do with the "the ethics of hunting," but was about "whether federal officials adequately considered threats to the species' long-term recovery." Over on Twitter, animal lovers reacted with joy as they celebrated their victory.

Grizzly bears won't be hunted in the northern Rockies

On Twitter, @BiologistDan posted the good news to those who fought against the hunting of grizzly bears. He wrote, "VICTORY! Federal Judge returns Yellowstone Grizzly Bear to Endangered Species List! They CANNOT be hunted. Thank you, Judge Dana Christensen. Thank You @Earthjustice. Thank You @SierraClub. Thank You @westernlaw. Thank You Native American Tribes. RT to thank them all!"

The bear hunt, canceled earlier, was just a temporary ban on the proposed hunts, passed by the Judge. This came after "six lawsuits from Native American tribes and wildlife advocates" that were "consolidated into one," according to Fox. One of the main reasons for the new order to return the bears to protected status was described by Christensen as an "arbitrary and capricious," decision by wildlife officials, NBC noted.

Twitter reacts to hunting ban on bears

Overjoyed activists took to Twitter to celebrate. "Great news for all grizzly bears in Yellowstone. Thanks to all that championed the cause. Respect for Judge Dana Christensen," @ForceMajeure11, posted.‏ @ttemaui wrote, "Happy all the phone calls to the judge to protect Grizzly bears paid off.

They are back on the endangered wildlife list and they won't be hunted. Hopefully the same will happen for wolves. Yellowstone should always be their protected free home!"

There were many similar sentiments expressed by animal lovers and activists about the grizzly bear decision by the judge, who, one commenter noted, was appointed by Barack Obama.

@ahshaad noted that "US District Judge Dana Christensen sided with environmentalists & Native American Groups overruling US Fish & Wildlife Service protecting the grizzly bears in & around Yellowstone National Park under the Endangered Species Act Protections after Trump lifted Obama-era protection."

Few hunters showed up to comment on the news on Twitter, but there were some comments that those who did, should just "suck it up." However, there are some further decisions to be made if The wildlife Service still plans to go ahead with grizzly bear hunts proposed for the bears in the Bob Marshall Wilderness and Glacier National Park in Montana.