Memphis, TN saw a man take a plea deal with the courts after he confessed to beating his wife with a hammer and killing her. They allegedly took a trip to Graceland from their Oio home as his wife was "dying" from cancer. Whilst in Tennessee, his wife was reported as dead from natural causes. The Cantonrep noted that his story was that she collapsed and died in a car parking lot.

In January 2018, when the death was reported, 73-year-old Phillip Snider told police "first responders" had taken the body away. 5wmcactionnews reported that the police found no record of first responders removing the body.

In fact, Cantonrep reported that it was initially thought that the old man might have had dementia as his story simply didn't add up.

Graceland death story changed several times

Another story he came up with was that Roberta died while travelling between Columbus and Cincinnati. He then continued on to Graceland and threw his wife's remains into the Tennessee River. However, after carrying out further investigation, authorities noted that his wife wasn't in the car with him when he drove to Graceland. They recovered surveillance evidence to prove that. However, to get more evidence of foul play, they used an undercover approach.

Posing as a woman, they made friends with him on the internet and got his trust.

Eventually, he believed their story that she wanted to kill her mother. Perhaps they asked him the best way to get rid of an unwanted woman. In any event, he trusted "her" and finally explained how he'd killed his wife brutally and with premeditation. It seemed that family and police' initial suspicions he may have been suffering from dementia were incorrect.

Wife killed with a plastic bag and a hammer

The 73-year-old, Phillip, confessed to killing his 53-year-old wife Roberta, by putting a plastic bag over her head. Then to make sure of his wife's death, he beat her with a hammer. Having got the grisly job done, he tipped her into a Rubbermaid container. What he did with the body after that is not known yet.

However, as part of his plea deal to take 20-years in prison, he has to show the police where he disposed of the unfortunate woman.

WMCA noted that "Snider pleaded guilty to aggravated murder, tampering with evidence, and gross abuse of a corpse" The sentencing came on Monday, (August 27), seven months after the crime. During the sentencing, the judge, Frank Forchione, told Phillip Snider that “The hottest places in hell are reserved for people like you.”