Stewart Weldon, the man accused of multiple counts of kidnapping and sexual assault, could have been arrested as early as February 2018. On February 21, police in Springfield, Massachusetts visited the home that Weldon shared with his mother at 1333 Page Boulevard. At the time, Weldon was under house confinement after he had been charged with assaulting police officers following a car chase in October 2017.

However, according to, police later found the GPS ankle bracelet that the court ordered Weldon to wear in a garbage bag outside of the Springfield courthouse.

Nine days later, Springfield officers attempted to serve Weldon with a warrant, but the suspect failed to comply. "Mr. Weldon would not unlock the door for officers, when Mr. Weldon's girlfriend unlocked the door Mr. Weldon escaped through the back door," said Springfield police spokesman Ryan Walsh in a prepared statement.

Months later, the same 1333 Page Boulevard address would become a major crime scene, with Springfield officers finding the bodies of 47-year-old Ernestine Ryans, 34-year-old America Lyden, and 27-year-old Kayla Escalante. According to, police continue to search the home at 1333 Page Boulevard, as well as another residence at 112 Main Street in Springfield.

Troubled past

Weldon, 40, was born in the Jamaica section of Queens, New York. He has been a resident of Springfield since 2005. In February of this year, reported that Weldon was being held on a $2,500 bail stemming from his earlier altercation with officers. The website also noted that when Weldon appeared in court on November 21, 2017, he petitioned Judge David Ricciardone for a reduction in his bail.

Weldon and his lawyer pleaded poverty.

At that time, the suspect lived off of disability payments totaling $750 a month. Attorney Timothy Noonan said that his client cannot hold down regular employment due to ADHD and dyslexia. Noonan tried and failed to get Weldon's bail reduced to $150 back in November.

Investigation continues

According to the Springfield Republican, which cited unnamed sources close to the investigation, the bodies of the three missing women were found in the garage and basement of the 1333 Page Boulevard residence. The suspected serial killer is currently being held on a $1 million bail. He has so far pleaded not guilty to several charges of sexual assault and kidnapping. Police have yet to charge him in connection with the three bodies found at his residence.