Hillary Clinton took to Twitter when she heard that Senator John McCain had passed away. John died aged 81 after a long fight with cancer. The respected former veteran deserved some respect from everyone, including his political opponents. Twitter reacted to the classy dignity that Hillary showed at his passing. Some of her followers felt that with the death of John McCain, the last "real" republican had died.

Hillary Clinton graceful and classy in her Twitter post

Hillary Clinton may be on opposite sides of the political spectrum from the Republicans, but that does not mean she does recognize good leadership when she sees it.

In her tweet, she noted that John McCain was "a tough politician, a trusted colleague." She believes that there won't be another person "like him." Hillary also alluded to his "life of service to his country, from his heroism in the Navy to 35 years in Congress." Hillary then extended her prayers and thoughts to Cindy and the McCain family.

Clinton followers mourn the passing of the last of the Republicans

The many reactions to the tweet by Hillary Clinton included some about the respect that people from all walks of life had for John McCain. Some of them felt that with the death of McCain, the last "real" Republican had left the USA.

In particular, Responsible Voter‏ @makingitblue, pointed this out. Their post said, "Today the last true Republican died. The party now is completely the party of Trump. People like @LindseyGrahamSC @SenateMajLdr sold their souls and their party to a grifter and a conman. #RIPJohnMcCain #GOPisDead."

They were not alone either.

Others picked up on the same theme in their replies to Hillary Clinton's post. LCWRESISTING also had similar sentiments, writing, "I feel as though the Republican party of John McCain, Ronald Reagan, George HW Bush, and Gerald Ford officially died tonight. Collegiality, integrity, supreme love of country by GOP have died with Senator McCain.

I pray those left take a lesson from McCain and #dumptrump."

John McCain and Hillary Clinton had a warm relationship

One user, @Gabbiedrice78K, reminded people that Hillary and John historically had a warm relationship. The reminder came from an image that showed George Kunhardt saying "they both lit up when we discussed them with each other." He added that they "genuinely love each other," and that it's a "touching thing." This just goes to show that politicians need not snipe at each other and behave like juveniles over leadership opinions.

Hillary Clinton seems to be leading the way in showing political maturity right now. How do feel about her warm relationship with John McCain? Do you think her tweet was classy? Stay in touch with news and opinion views by checking in with Blasting Pop often.