Shootings happen all too often in today's society and another one has struck at an event in Jacksonville, Florida. Florida has been the area of recent shootings and two adults were injured at a football game in South Florida. Today (August 26) was a scene of panic, as gamers heard shots fired at a "Madden NFL 19" tournament. The incident has left two dead and many injured. Articles by CNN and Variety have been used in gathering information and updates about the tragedy.

Gunman killed

According to an article by CNN, the gunman responsible for the incident has been killed.

According to the article: "The suspect, identified only as a white man, died at the scene, Sheriff Mike Williams said at a news conference." The tragedy has left 11 injured, in addition to the two people who have died. That includes the shooter himself, who was killed at the scene.

The shooting occurred at the Jacksonville Landing complex, during a qualifying event for a "Madden 19" tournament. The game has been garnering positive reviews for its changes. Many people were there playing the game and having some fun until violence erupted. The spot where all this happened is very open, with there being stores, bars, and restaurants all around the area. Some individuals left with minor injuries and are grateful that nothing else happened to them, as they are in stable condition in the hospital.

Others are not so lucky and one victim is in the hospital with shots to his chest. Many people at the tournament were people very young, ranging from 20 to 35 years old, according to the article by CNN. It is not surprising to see that there were young people at the tournament as it is a gaming one. People of all ages play Madden, but typically younger individuals.

The shooter's motive

According to an article by Variety, the shooter responsible for the crime supposedly was one who was participating in the tournament. After losing, he took it upon himself to shoot others and kill himself as it states, "A competitor in the tournament told the Los Angeles Times that the shooter was a player who lost and opened fire on others before killing himself." There is speculation as to what other motives the individual had besides possibly being furious that he had lost out on the money and the game.

In addition, there are some questions to be asked about why there wasn't some security at the event or how the man was able to enter with a gun hidden in his possession. People had to leave the area, as 11 people were injured from the incident. Many people took to Twitter to state that they were grateful to not be killed or in critical condition. One individual and his girlfriend are safe and sound, but he made a prayer for the others harmed. It also put his life decisions in perspective.

Another person was grateful that the bullet just grazed his head, but he was still traumatized by it nonetheless.

Shock and dismay

A live stream lets viewers hear the sound of the shots. People can be heard shocked and screaming in the video.

The winners of the tournament will be making some big bucks, as the first place winner will make $25,000, according to the article by Variety. There will also be other prizes given out, for a total of $165,000 in cash prizes.