Hawaii Hurricane Lane is sitting just southwest off Big Island. Accuweather's hurricane expert, Dan Kottlowski warned of potentially record damage. According to Accuweather.com, the storm is expected to cause damage and threaten lives into the weekend. By Saturday, the threat is expected to grow greater. Their senior meteorologist, Alex Sosnowski, noted that "People should be prepared for power outages, coastal flooding, beach erosion, downed trees and major travel disruptions."

Governor's office updates on Hawaii hurricane

The official Twitter of Governor David Ige is keeping people informed via regular updates.

Warnings note that along the coastline people can expect high surf and surges resulting in the possible inundation of low-lying areas. People hoping the hurricane will pass on quickly were warned that it will be around for some time, into next week. Last night, very heavy rain and flooding were reported as "catastrophic."

Most recent updates for Hawaii islands

Just shy of midnight August 23, the updates for Hawaii Island were as follows:

  • Remains Tropical Storm Warning
  • Expected winds: 30 - 40 MPH
  • Gusts to 60 MPH
  • Possible winds: 39 - 57 MPH
  • Flooding rain: 10 - 30 inches
  • Storm surge: 2-4 feet
  • Potential for tornadoes

Most recent updates for Maui County were:

  • Remains Hurricane Warning
  • Expected winds: 30 - 40 MPH
  • Gusts to 60 MPH
  • Possible winds: 74 - 90
  • Flooding rain: 12-18 inches
  • Storm surge: 1-2 feet
  • Potential for tornadoes

Other notices for Hawaii hurricane

In other news from Hawaii, NWS Honolulu noted that flash flooding warnings would continue for Hilo HI, Volcano HI, Honoka'a HI until 12:45 AM HST.

Two hours after notifying via Twitter that HFD and HPD were doing house to house calls to advise people to evacuate Kaiulani Street on Reeds Island, COG Civil Defense posted another tweet.

In that tweet, they said there were still "Flash Flood Warning for Hawaii. If you have flooding to your home consider leaving to a safe place while you are still able to get out."

Ricky Arnold tweets Hawaii from Space Station

Ricky Arnold, currently onboard @Space_Station for Exp 55/56, who tweets under his own name according to his Twitter profile, posted up a message for Hawaii 24 hours before the current status saying that the Space Station sent their greetings to the people of Hawai.

He also attached some images of the hurricane.

One person responded, asking if "Trump knows Hawaii is part of the US?" Well, from that perspective, the answer is actually, "yes." According to Accuweather, President Trump declared a state of emergency in Hawaii on Wednesday."