Hawaii Islands are bracing to face the wrath of Hurricane Lane which is believed to be approaching with peak wind speeds in the region of 160 mph. It is labeled as a Category 5 storm and the National Weather Service has issued necessary warning Tuesday evening for the Big Island. Watches have been put in effect for Maui and other small islands, and the landfall could be within days.

The Washington Post reports that the projected path of Hurricane Lane appears to be such that the effects will be felt over all the islands. Central Pacific Hurricane Center has warned about heavy rainfall with possible flash floods.

There are also fears of large and damaging surf at some locations that could spell trouble.

Hawaii does not normally face hurricanes directly

Hurricanes and tropical storms usually skirt Hawaii and the last time one of these made landfall was in 1992 when Hurricane Iniki struck Kauai. As a weather expert of FEMA has explained “this isn’t Florida. The landscape and infrastructure are different. Take this one seriously.” When Hurricane Lane makes landfall, it will be the first one in Honolulu after Hawaii got its statehood.

In case it strikes the island of Oahu, there could be floods in some critical locations.

These could be the Honolulu International Airport, the oil refinery at Barbers Point, and important military installations. Gov. David Ige has indicated concession to state employees on the Big Island and Maui. They could avail special leave from Wednesday to Friday. Incidentally, the Big Island will be at risk because, although it has been hit by tropical depressions and storms, it has so far been spared any hurricane-strength storm.

One hurricane follows another

Hurricane Lane is set to strike Hawaii within a fortnight of Hurricane Hector and is expected to be a more serious affair. According to CNN, this new formation could threaten lives and properties and residents must take necessary steps to handle the situation. This has been advised by the National Weather Service NWS.

Airlines have already issued Travel advisories to those who will be flying to or from Hawaii.

Hurricanes do not usually make landfall in Hawaii which is considered to be an insignificant target in the Pacific Ocean. Past records reveal that only four named storms have struck the island since 1959. Two of these were tropical storms and two were hurricanes. However, there are ominous signs with the approach of Hurricane Lane. Such climatic disorders have become a matter of concern because in 2017, three of them had devastated Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico.