Florida Palm Beach Central High School in Wellington was the scene of panic as school kids and their parents fled from the sound of shots being fired. The sound of the shots came during a Football game between William T. Dwyer and Palm Beach Central High on Friday night. Two adult males were injured and updates by Palm Beach Post indicate that one of the injured men is in a critical condition.

Shooting happened in fourth quarter of football game

According to CBS News, the shots were fired in the fourth quarter of the game. Lynn Monnette told them that she thought the shots came from under the bleachers where the band sits.

Initial reports came out that there may have been an altercation between some of the boys, but WPTV reported that this was not what happened. They noted that Kathy Burstein of the School District of Palm Beach County said, "School district officials present at the football game, including school police, school principal, assistant principals and many others do not report any kind of student altercation prior to shots being fired."

Florida shooting not considered to be random

At this stage, police are not certain that the shots were fired in the stadium. One of the victims was found on the grounds. A helicopter flew in to treat him. The other was taken to hospital by a friend. Neither of them were students, according to police.

Teri Barbera, the spokeswoman for Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office said that whatever it was, it was not being considered as “a random act of violence.”

There are no known suspects and the motive for the shootings are not clear at this time.

Palm Beach Post noted that "Palm Beach County Schools Police have asked the sheriff’s violent crimes division to take over the investigation."

School students evacuated to safety

It seems that all of the students were evacuated to safety and none of them were hurt or injured in the shooting. In the meantime, it not being treated as an on-going active shooter incident.

Twitter reactions to the shooting were heartfelt

An emotive image was posted on Twitter by Rep. Ted Deutch with the caption, "This shouldn’t be the image of high school in America—of life in America."

Another person who was obviously at the football game was shaking so badly. You can hear the horror and fear in their voice in their short clip.

Emilee‏ @emileesmigel posted, "My heart goes out to anyone who was affected by the shooting just now at the highschool football game at palm beach central.

I thought parkland was too close to home but this is less than 10 mins from my house... honestly unbelievable."

Details of the shooting that injured two men at the Florida Palm Beach Central High School in Wellington are likely to continue to emerge as authorities investigate the incident.