MoviePass may be a doomed company. On July 26, the company couldn't afford to pay for movie tickets, frustrating customers all across the United States. As paying customers were trying to reserve tickets for Thursday showings, the app would not allow them to do it. Instead, they were greeted with an error message, stating that MoviePass was working on getting the app up and running again. That message is still there a day later.

The truth about MoviePass gets revealed

On Friday (July 27), a report by CNN shed a lot of negative light on the situation.

It turned out that the issue was far worse than a bug in the system. Now it seems that paying customers may not be able to see films under the plan any longer. Did MoviePass know that this situation was coming? The company is acting, at least to consumers, like it was a shock and a surprise that the app wouldn't work.

CNN stated that "Helios and Matheson, the parent company of the popular movie subscription service, said that it had a service outage on Thursday because it couldn't afford to pay for movie tickets." The article went on to state that, "The company hasn't said whether MoviePass has resumed operation. But in a tweet late Thursday, MoviePass said that it recommended that users wait for a resolution or use e-ticketing, which it said had not been affected."

Does e-ticketing actually work on MoviePass?

MoviePass e-ticketing is not an applicable solution.

Here is what MoviePass has updated its site to read in regard to the e-ticketing process: "E-ticketing theaters are shown at the top of the list view in the 'Theaters' section of the MoviePass app, or are shown by the white-circle with red-dot in the map view." The map is easy to get to on the app, but what isn't easy to do is to find a theater that actually allows e-ticketing with MoviePass.

When perusing theaters in the greater Seattle area, only one theater within a 100-mile radius accepted the MoviePass e-ticketing on Friday morning. Many other major cities have no theaters where e-ticketing is usable. This isn't really an option for many paying customers, most of which have paid in advance for service during the month of July.

AMC, a company that has been battling against MoviePass, will likely see this all as great news.

The end of MoviePass?

"Mission Impossible 6," which has received a lot of positive reviews, may not see many MoviePass customers come through the doors this weekend. All that paying customers can do is wait. A number of people on social media are already stating that this, coupled with new rules on when and how the MoviePass card can be used, are already canceling their subscriptions. Is this the end of MoviePass? How the company responds to this service outage will now dictate its future.

This entire situation could also serve as a "win" for AMC, as the company tries to bring on more customers with its own movie pass.

Though a bit more expensive than what MoviePass has been offering, the guarantee is there that AMC Theatres aren't going anywhere. This could guarantee that the product stays on the market much longer.