The people of Britain have threatened to protest against Donald Trump if he comes to the country. In case he does come, it should not be as a state visit. Prime Minister Theresa May had extended an invitation to the US president when she had come to the White House soon after he took over charge. However, subsequent developments soured the relationship between the two countries and the visit is yet to materialize. Sky News reports that he will arrive in Britain on a two-day working visit. The dates are July 12 and 13, following a NATO summit in Belgium.

It seems he wants to extend the visit to play golf.

The tentative itinerary

The complete program for the visit to Britain is being finalized. Donald Trump will probably have tea with the Queen, dinner with Theresa May and visit the country retreat Chequers of the prime minister. He also has plans to enjoy golf in Scotland where he owns golf courses. He could play with some well-known golfer or a celebrity. The president loves golf. During his presidential campaign, he had criticized the over-enthusiasm of Barack Obama for indulging in the game. He had also said that once he became president, he would be hard-pressed for time. He would have to devote time to work for the betterment of his people and would not have enough time for golf.

However, available statistics show that he has made more than 100 visits to a golf course after becoming president. Those have been at the expense of the taxpayers who have to shell out millions for his security and travel expenses.

The Independent UK adds that during the visit, Trump could be on a golf course, possibly Turnberry in Ayrshire.

These are his properties and he could play with a British professional golfer. Unconfirmed rumors say he might play against Prince Andrew. Trump does not have any plan to drop in on the US embassy because he is critical of its new location in South London.

Will there be a state visit?

Donald Trump owns properties in Scotland, including two golf courses.

He already has an invitation from Theresa May to visit Britain but the Twitter war that erupted between him and Sadiq Khan, the mayor of London, played spoilsport. It was related to the terror attack on London Bridge and loss of lives. Things went to such a head that people took to social media and threatened large-scale protests in case Trump was accorded a state visit. As things stand, there is little possibility of such a visit this year. In fact, it may never happen at all, and the trip in July will be a just a working visit. It will be a low-key affair and authorities feel protesters might ignore it because he continues to remain unpopular in the UK.