Barack Obama attended a fundraiser in California and people arrived in large numbers in spite of contributions being in the range of $100,000. Donors at the upper end of the spectrum got treated to a lavish dinner and a photograph with the former president. Those at the lower end of the spectrum were not treated so kindly. The venue was in Beverly Hills, at the home of a wealthy donor, where guests came to see Obama and engage him in serious discussion. It is clear that, even though he is out of office, he still has a good rapport with his supporters and can influence their decisions.

Daily Mail UK reports that there was tight security at the venue and the guests arrived well before Barack Obama. Among the participants were important members of the DNC and Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti attended as well. He is keen to participate in the presidential run.

California is special for Barack Obama

California has always been a special place for Barack Obama. He has visited the state several times, both before and after leaving office. It seems he is likely to spend more time in Los Angeles because of the deal he has made with Netflix for making documentaries and talk shows. The state has been a Democratic stronghold for years. Its major cities of Los Angeles and San Francisco had voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016, and some of the famous Democrats include topnotch celebrities of Hollywood.

President Trump has paid a visit to the state only once. That was to inspect prototypes for the US-Mexico border wall near San Diego and to meet some of the Marines serving at Miramar. He had also attended an RNC fundraiser in Beverly Hills.

Barack Obama wants Democrats to vote

With the midterm elections around the corner, Barack Obama used the Beverly Hills fundraiser to address the Democratic Party on issues of great importance.

He is scheduled to attend two more such programs in San Francisco. According to New York Post, he told the gathering in California that their concerns are genuine and they must vote to make themselves heard. In the opinion of the former president, Republicans worry only about winning the seat at different levels.

He went on to add that instead of improving on what his administration had done during his tenure, the new administration has introduced its own concepts that have not gone down well with the people and has led to confusion. That is why Democrats must go out and vote because their votes could make a huge difference to the final outcome.