Residents at an apartment complex in Boise, Idaho were treated to unimaginable terror on Saturday, June 30. 30-year-old Timmy Kinner, a recent resident at the apartment complex, interrupted a three-year-old's birthday party and stabbed nine people. Six of the victims were children, and all of the victims were refugees from Syria, Iraq, and Ethiopia.

Fox News has reported that of the child victims, one was just three-years-old, while the others were between the ages of four and twelve. The New York Times also reported that Kinney's attack began at 8:45 PM PST.

Boise's police chief, William L. Bones, told the Idaho Statesman newspaper that the crime scene "...will be something that I will carry with me for the rest of my life." Bones also told the press on Sunday, July 1 that four of the injured sustained life-threatening injuries.

So far, media outlets have reported that Kinney's attack was inspired by a desire for revenge. Prior to the attack, Kinney was staying with someone in the Boise housing complex. On Friday, June 29, Kinney's unnamed female roommate told him to leave because of his disruptive behavior. Chief Bones did not provide any details about Kinney's behavior to the press, but both Fox News and the New York Times have published articles stating that Kinney has an extensive criminal record involving violent crime.

The attacker's profile

According to the New York Times, Saturday's knife-wielding attacker was born in 1988. He has served jail time in the Commonwealth of Kentucky and has been charged with multiple felonies in Tennessee stretching back to 2012. Kinney has been arrested for such crimes as aggravated assault, assault, and possession of a controlled substance.

During Saturday's attack, the assailant reportedly attacked the party's children first before he began stabbing the adults who tried to intervene. One eyewitness, 21-year-old Saad Mahamoud, claimed that Kinney screamed several curse words before he began randomly stabbing the party goers. Fox News has written that this attack produced the most victims from a single assault in the entire history of Boise.

Idaho investigators have so far ruled out this attack as a hate crime. Although all of the injured were migrants from the Muslim Middle East and Africa, Kinney is himself African-American. The International Rescue Committee in Boise has said that it will provide counseling for the victims and all of those impacted by Saturday's assault.