After calling 911, claiming she was assaulted in the face multiple times and her daughter was kidnapped, the police found the baby inside a box. Once the police found out that the story was not true, Breanna Lewis, the mother of the baby, was arrested and is now facing charges.

11-month-old baby found in the woods inside a diaper box

Claiming she was assaulted and her daughter was kidnapped, Breanna Lewis is now facing charges after police discovered the 11-month-old baby in a plastic bag, inside a diaper box, and in the deepest part of the woods that was within 1,000 yards of her house in South Carolina.

According to NBC News, Lewis claimed she was walking to her mailbox to mail her rent while holding her baby, Harlee Lewis, when she was attacked multiple times and Harlee was snatched out of her arms and yanked into an SUV with a guy she did not know. At the time. police put out an Amber Alert for Harlee Lewis because Chesterfield County Sheriff Deputies believed her story due to the bruises on Breanna’s face.

After police conducted their investigation for a few hours, Major Davis was searching for the missing baby when tire tracks led to a path in the woods which led to the diaper box. After opening the box, Major Davis found the baby without a heartbeat. The mother maintained her story until police showed the mother during interrogation that they found Harlee.

That is when the story changed. The kidnapping and assault apparently never happened, but Breanna had no recollection of what happened claims NBC News. According to NBC News, Lewis told the police that she is suffering from mental issues which causes her to black out without any knowledge of what is happening.

A car accident

Just last week, in Anson County, North Carolina, Breanna was in a car accident where she flipped her car, which is what caused the bruising on her face, according to NBC News.

At the scene of the crash, she made a scene, screaming and crying that her daughter was missing, which made the rescue team frantic. The dogs were called, the woods were searched but no baby was found. While the search was happening, the babysitter called informing the police that Harlee was with her and saying that she did not have any idea as to why Breanna was claiming her daughter as missing.

Sheriff Jay Brooks held a live news conference claiming that Breanna Lewis is being charged with filing a false police report and is being charged with improper disposal of human remains. Breanna Lewis is currently on a $71,000-bond. While an autopsy was completed, the results will remain secret due to Harlee being a minor. Chesterfield County is holding a vigil for Harlee on June 6 at the main courthouse around 6 PM. The police are still trying to figure out what caused the death of the baby and ask that if anyone has any information to contact the Chesterfield County Sheriff Department located in South Carolina.