After spending the last six months in worry of what was to come, Harvey Weinstein was indicted today, May 30, by the New York grand jury for sexual charges which include rape. According to the New York Times, on Friday, May 25, Harvey Weinstein was arrested and charged with first- and third-degree rape through a criminal complaint that could end with him behind bars for more than 37 years if he is found guilty.

Weinstein is indicted for sexual accusations

These charges are only based on two separate occasions and women even though there have been more than 80 women who have claimed sexual misconduct against this well-known movie producer.

The first charge stems from 2004 when Weinstein allegedly had an encounter with the actress, Lucia Evans who claims she was lured into the movie producer's Tribeca office where she was forced into performing acts against her will. Police investigated this accusation for about seven months before deciding to press charges. The other female victim refuses to announce herself publicly but claims she was raped in her Manhattan hotel room sometime in March 2013. The New York Times claims Benjamin Brafman, Harvey's attorney, said that “if this case actually proceeds to trial, we expect Mr. Weinstein to be acquitted.”

Rose McGowan expressed her feelings for the women on Twitter on May 30.

While all these accusations keep piling up on the movie producer, he still claims his innocence.

Due to the lack of insufficient time to prepare his testimony, Weinstein had decided not to testify in front of the grand jury on his behalf and is putting all his faith in the jury and his attorney. This is because there was apparently "unfairly denied access to critical information" that was needed for his defense according to The Cut.

Harvey Weinstein was given a $10 million bond, which he paid his portion upon release, and was also forced to wear a tracking device and forfeit any passports while staying in the areas between New York state and Connecticut. Harvey Weinstein’s attorney, Benjamin Brafman said “we remind everyone that an indictment is merely a formal accusation,” claims Fox5 News.

Harvey Weinstein’s next court date is set for July 30.

The Cut states that Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance claims this indictment was "inevitable." This brings the criminal justice system one step closer to solving the terrible sexual violent crimes that are being accused against this movie producer.