In Massachusetts, one horrific case led to another as police officers discovered the shocking truth about Stewart Weldon. On Thursday, prosecutors in the western Massachusetts city of Springfield announced that they found three dead bodies in and near the home belonging to Weldon, an area man already charged with kidnapping, sexually assaulting and torturing a woman. Anthony Gulluni, the Hampden District Attorney, told reporters on Thursday that the first two bodies were found "near" the property on Tuesday before the final body was found inside of the home the following day.

Suspect arrested after a car chase

The Boston Globe reported that Springfield police officers arrested the suspect on Sunday after a car chase ended in Weldon crashing into a police cruiser. The suspect then proceeded to wrestle with the arresting officers until he was fully detained. Police uncovered two knives on Weldon's person during the arrest. Police also found an injured 40-year-old woman in the car. The woman reportedly thanked the police for saving her life, saying "He's going to kill me," MSN reported.

The home in question is registered in the name of Weldon's mother, and police believe that Weldon lives at the residence. Gulluni said that the woman rescued at the crash claims that Weldon had held her captive for a month at the house.

This confinement included torture and frequent rapes. The unnamed woman was found to have suffered several stab wounds, a fractured jaw, and other injuries when police examined her on Sunday. Her leg was also highly infected and had to be treated at a nearby hospital.

Predator held woman hostage

At the time of his arrest, Stewart Weldon was driving without a driver's license (it had earlier been revoked) and had three warrants to his name.

He is currently being held on a $1 million dollar bail. So far, Springfield authorities have not yet released any information about the bodies found on the property, nor have they publicly said that Weldon is responsible for the deceased found at the 1333 Page Boulevard residence.

Judging from the information already released, it appears that the accused criminal is some kind of sexual predator.

The unnamed female survivor not only told the police about the sexual torture she was subjected to by Weldon, but she also said that he often hit her with a hammer. The fact that investigators are still excavating at the property indicates that they may suspect Weldon of more than kidnapping and sexual assault.

By all appearances, the 40-year-old Stewart Weldon has the makings of a possible serial killer. Weldon's neighbors have described him as "antisocial," with Brenda Quinones, 23, telling the Boston Globe: "A simple wave. A smile. Nothing from him. He wouldn't even look your way."