The controversial comments regarding slavery that Kanye West made weeks ago are continuing to draw criticism and responses from people everywhere. Most recently, former Los Angeles Lakers and NBA superstar Kobe Bryant was even asked about West's remarks. Kobe didn't shy away from giving his response about what Kanye said. He also praised West in a way regarding Kanye's comments about President Donald Trump.

Kanye's controversial remarks

Weeks ago Kanye West was talking about slavery and said it seemed like a "choice" that was made by people years ago.

Kanye's choice of words didn't sit well with many people who were quick to criticize him for suggesting it.

Those particular comments that West made were around the same time Kanye began to tweet about his support for Donald Trump and showed off the "Make America Great Again" hat. It drew shock from longtime fans and has been a regular topic for journalists. Even Kanye's fellow hip-hop star T.I. reached out to Kanye over what he was saying and doing. The end result was a collaborative song called "Ye vs. the People" where Kanye West and T.I. used their verses as a vehicle for debate regarding Kanye's comments.

Bryant asked about Kanye's comments

Now that Kobe Bryant is no longer in the NBA, he's spending his time promoting various projects, or visiting schools and other events.

Bryant was at the Rise L.A. event where he spoke with Los Angeles high school students. During that event, he was asked what he thought about Kanye West's comments about slavery and Donald Trump.

Kobe replied with: "the hell are you talking about?" That reportedly drew cheers from the students in attendance. Kobe also delved into the idea of freedom of expression/speech, saying it's something we enjoy as Americans but we "have to be prepared for the backlash" that it may bring along with it.

Kobe added: "I just take it for what it is and completely disagree," in reference to Kanye's slavery comments, via Hip Hop Overload.

Kanye West's association with President Donald Trump and the various tweets he put out regarding him had plenty of people questioning Kanye's mental health. However, Kobe said that he believes West is constantly challenging himself internally and "growing" as an artist.

It seems like a respectful way to frame the whole situation, instead of just saying West has lost his mind.

Kanye West's success

Despite the controversial comments and fact that there may be a number of hip-hop fans who aren't Donald Trump supporters, Kanye West's newest album has been doing well. Reports indicate that the hip-hop producer and rapper's latest LP, "Ye," is expected to sell a total of 765,000 units/streams since its debut this past Friday.

Just like Kobe's take on the matter, it seems Kanye's fans are still willing to listen to his creative work even if they disagree with West's opinions.