Last week the International House of Pancakes announced that it was changing its name to IHOb. Social media users guessed for several days what the "b" stood for. People guessed that it was for breakfast, bacon and even biscuits. Chiquita got in on the act and tweeted that the "b" should stand for bananas.

It wasn't until Monday, June 11 that the 60-year-old successful food chain announced that the new name would be International House of Burgers.

Not a permanent name

Social media complained because most people are fond of the original name. The public can stop complaining and relax because the name change is not permanent.

It was a promotion that did get a lot of attention and free publicity during the last several days. Besides, the temporary name change will affect only one of the 1,800 restaurants.

Some people were discerning enough to figure out that IHOP would not tamper with something as well-known as the name of the restaurant chain. They believed from the very beginning that it was just a way of getting people talking.

It worked because restaurants like Wendy's tweeted about what IHOP was proposing to do.

Pancakes and burgers

The International House of Pancakes will keep its name to serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Consumers will be able to order burgers any time they visit the restaurant because IHOP is offering several burgers from now on.

This is an attempt to boost their lunch and dinner selections.

According to CNN Money, President Darren Rebelez wants people to know that the restaurant is taking burgers as seriously as their pancakes. He knows once people get accustomed to eating their delicious burgers, they will order them often. On the menu is a Big Brunch Burger that comes with bacon, a fried egg and browned potatoes on top.

If that is not one that strikes your fancy, there are other choices.

Even though IHOP is not in the red, Rebelez believes revenue will increase even more because America loves burgers just like they love pancakes. Now the restaurant doesn't have to limit their menu. Some people in a group can eat pancakes while others can eat a juicy burger. It just might be the best of both worlds.

Location of IHOb

As of now, only one location is getting the new name. It is an IHOP in Hollywood that is getting a new sign and menus, but other locations might be changed later.

Rebelez wants consumers to know that they will not be competing against Applebee's, its sister store of parent company DineEquity. He said Applebee's will still be a place to go to get a burger, beer and watch a game because "b" was never meant to stand for "beer" or "booze" in IHOb.