IHOP stands for International House of Pancakes that is visited by people all over the world. IHOP has been a household name for over 60 years. The fast-food chain announced on Tuesday, June 5, on Twitter and Facebook, that the name will be changed next week to IHOb. This news was confirmed in a report by Us Magazine.

As of now, the public doesn't know what the "b" stands for. The chain promised that it will reveal the answer on Monday, June 11.

People on social media are baffled by the change. Some consumers are not taking the news very well. They are angry about the change because they don't understand why it is necessary.

They are wondering why the popular restaurant that is known for its delicious fluffy pancakes is changing its name from the name people have come to love and have gotten accustomed to using. Social media account holders have been guessing what the letter could mean. Some are convinced it stands for breakfast or bacon. However, the restaurant serves more than just breakfast food and bacon.

Name change

IHOP has been the acronym used for International House of Pancakes since 1958. Up until now, the name has all capital letters in most writings. A lower case "b" could mean something special. People on social media around the world have shared their thoughts about the sudden name change. It will cost the company a lot of money to turn the "p" upside down to a "b" on its logo and menus at all of its 1,650 restaurants nationwide.


Reactions from IHOP

Officials of the fast food restaurant say the name change is not because the company is failing.

In fact, a report by CNN states that the stock is up nearly 25 percent this year because sales are increasing. Executives are trying to convince people that while they don't know what the "b" stands for, there is a good reason for the change, and everyone will love the idea once they know what it is.

IHOb is jumping on the bandwagon and having fun on social media with the mystery.

The company tweeted the results of a survey conducted with some suggestions for the "b." So far, bacon has the most votes.

It is a good thing the company did not announce the change a long time in advance because it would have given consumers longer to wait and speculate. The answer will be revealed in less than a week from the time the change was announced.

So, what are your thoughts? What do you think the "b" stands for? Do you think the name change will make a difference in people's eating habits? One thing is almost guaranteed, and it is that people will continue to call it IHOP for a long time. Reginald Cunningham tweeted that he will continue to refer to the pancake house as IHOP because that was the original name.