IHOP is notorious for serving breakfast all day long, hence the name "International House of Pancakes." According to CNN, IHOP has been the restaurant’s acronym since 1973, though the chain was founded in 1958. The popular restaurant chain has been renamed as of this morning, June 11.

Customers should now search for IHOb when looking for somewhere to eat. Some people speculated the name change would be something about breakfast or a breakfast food. The restaurant posted multiple polls across social media platforms asking people what they thought the "b" could stand for, like bacon, biscuits, and silly ideas such as barnacles.

IHOP has decided that it doesn't need to be breakfast time all the time.

Burgers, burgers, burgers

The new acronym stands for "International House of Burgers." IHOP actually already had a lunch and dinner menu, so the switch to something like burgers isn't a complete stretch for the restaurant. However, most people go to IHOP for pancakes or some other breakfast food, because who doesn't love breakfast for dinner?

According to WRAL, "word is spreading that the name change is not official and that it's just a summer promotion, but the restaurant has not commented." It's possible that the restaurant has used its social media to promote the new lunch and dinner options in a pretty clever way by introducing a "name change." IHOP definitely has gotten a lot of attention over the past week for this speculation.

Still, it's unclear if the new name is permanent or simply for a fun promotion.

Some say the new name is a great idea because it will encourage people to come to the restaurant for any meal of the day, not just breakfast or brunch. Others say it's messing with the distinct identity IHOP has as being a popular spot for breakfast food all day any day.

Why the name change?

Forbes explains that the new name could be because "hotcakes aren't selling like hotcakes." Think about the trendy, hipster restaurants that are out there now. A lot of people are aiming for a healthier diet nowadays or trying to eat more organic, plant-based foods. Then, you've got your anti-carb, anti-sugar eaters out there.

Ordering a stack of pancakes doesn't fit this new mindset.

Some other people are into homey, savory goodness. Getting a vamped up version of your favorite food is one of the best parts of going out to eat. Introducing new burgers to the IHOP/IHOb menu fits this criterion perfectly. Basically, IHOP is a bit outdated, so whether the name change is permanent or not, the new marketing strategy is a smart one to welcome potential customers.