Convicted murderer Christian Gulzow made his terrible crime as bizarre as possible. The 37-year-old Denver, Colorado resident accomplished this by wearing evil-looking clown makeup and a glove that was adorned with very sharp blades. On Monday, June 25, Gulzow was found guilty of stabbing 29-year-old Brian Lucero to death on May 23, 2017.

The crime took place during the early morning hours of May 23, and eyewitnesses claimed that the pair got into a heated argument at a gas station prior to the murder. Fox News reports that Gulzow stabbed Lucero, a homeless man, to death inside of the parking lot for the Mexican restaurant, Torchy's Tacos.

During this attack, Gulzow was wearing black and white clown makeup and a single glove on one his hand which had two to three-inch blades on each finger. Responding officers pronounced Lucero dead at the scene.

Fox31 in Denver reports that Gulzow was convicted of first-degree murder on Monday after a relatively brief trial. Denver investigators found that Gulzow had stabbed Lucero once in the neck. After committing this crime, CCTV cameras caught Gulzow throwing the murder weapon (a single knife) into some bushes near the 900 block of Denver's Galapago Street.

Bad clown

Fox News claims that Gulzow was the lead singer of a Denver area heavy metal band called The Paranormal. Gulzow's Instagram account also showed that he was a music producer who operated the company WorldMusicStudios.

Gulzow's Instagram shows several images of the convicted murderer wearing clown-like makeup. Most of these photos show that Gulzow preferred black and white makeup. According to eyewitnesses, Gulzow was wearing such startling makeup on the night of the murder.

At his trial, Fox31 reported that Gulzow said that Lucero started the fight between the two after yelling "Get out of my alley." Gulzow claimed that the stabbing was an accident.

This plea of self-defense obviously did not convince the jury or the trial's judge.

The prosecution team pointed out that, after killing Lucero, Gulzow stole the homeless man's moped. Also, when Gulzow was arrested on the morning of the murder at West Alameda Avenue and Lipan Street, police officers discovered that he was still covered in Lucero's blood.

Grim future

Gulzow has yet to be sentenced for the crime. At a maximum he could serve 48 years in a Colorado prison. Gulzow's sentencing hearing has already been scheduled for August 10, 2018.