On Monday, two children were stabbed to death in Massachusetts in what is believed to be a voodoo “ritual incident.” The suspect is the Mother (43) who happened to ask a neighbor to call the police after the attacks. The boys were 8 and 5 years old, and the oldest had over 50 stabs.

Even though it is not officially confirmed that the murders were a voodoo ritual, many family members told authorities that the mother, Latasha Sanders, had practiced voodoo. Her comments during the interview after the arrest also insinuate that the attacks on the two boys were voodoo related..

According to the interviews, Sanders stated that voodoo has been part of her life. She stated that the beliefs are shared by some family members as well. She also commented that she has been practicing voodoo over the last few years.

The prosecutor’s report

Plymouth District Attorney Timothy J. Cruz stated that the attack on the boys was a “ritual incident," according to CBS News, noting that Sanders has recently been practicing voodoo. Also, Sanders mentioned that her 16-year-old daughter wanted “a little blood” right before the murders.

Cruz also claims that Local Police think that Sanders attacked her 8-year-old son first who was stabbed over 50 times. Once she realized that the ritual could not be completed with only one death, she went after her youngest.

Sanders also stated during her interviews that “voodoo stuff” could have led to this horrifying incident.

What police found

The local police believe that the mother acted alone in what they describe as “gruesome, disturbing, and heartbreaking.” When they responded to the call on Monday afternoon, they found the two boys in an apartment in Stockton, Massachusetts.

The oldest boy, Edson “Marlon” Brito, was found on a bed with massive wounds, while the youngest, Lason Brito, was found covered with a blanket. The youngest had a white bandage around his neck. The oldest, a daughter of 16, survived the incident and is now safe with authorities.

Apparently, the police also believe that Sanders mopped up the blood after the attacks.

Also, Sanders left the murder weapon, a kitchen knife, in the sink. She later placed both boys on their respective beds and told a neighbor to call 911.

Sanders was taken away in an ambulance according to neighbors. The police stated that she was kind of limp while sitting in the bedroom once they arrived. After, she was put on a stretcher and began screaming and kicking. The mother is being held without bail and is being held on two counts of murder.