Wildfires in California have become a regular feature, acres of land are devastated, and wildlife lose their natural habitat. In the latest instance, more than 10,500 acres have already burnt down, and the governor has declared a state of emergency in parts of Northern California. Such conditions are believed to be due to global warming that plays havoc with the environment. This phenomenon must be contained to save the greenery.

According to CNN, there is no report of any casualties but some buildings have been destroyed, and many more are at risk.

Experienced personnel from Lake County are monitoring the wildfires that might have started from high temperatures in the area coupled with erratic winds.

People have been evacuated due to the wildfire

In order to ensure safety for the residents from the wildfires, evacuation centers have been opened, and mandatory evacuation orders have been issued for the entire Spring Valley community in California. The main fire is believed to have been partially contained. An official of the Santa Rosa Fire Department has explained that the focus of the administration is the safety of the people and their properties.

Wildfires had destroyed more than 245,000 acres in Santa Rosa last year, and this area is not far from Lake County which is now burning.

The fire last year was one of the worst in the history of the state, and it destroyed nearly 7,000 structures and led to the loss of 42 lives apart from devastating the environment. When the trees burn down, they leave behind charred stumps. It is a great loss for society because it will take several decades to restore the greenery.

Wildfires have disturbed lives in California

Northern California has witnessed a number of wildfires in recent times, and indications are there that the trend is likely to continue. Fox News adds that severe drought has resulted in the closure of some national parks in the western states. They want to play safe to guard against these disasters and have already issued a warning for people to be prepared to face the worst.

In the opinion of officials, wildfires are the fallout of a dangerous combination of heat, strong winds, and vegetation that has become brittle because of drought. These are the ingredients responsible for the devastation that the state had to go through in 2017. The latest fire has already forced 3,000 residents out of their homes and destroyed some buildings. When the loss of the green cover is added, it spells doom for the environment.