If you aren't living under a rock, then you've heard that "IT" has returned. 27 years after the original miniseries was made, "IT" has once again come across our screens - in theaters, this time.

I had the pleasure of watching this movie the weekend it was released, and boy, was it packed. Well, as packed as a small town theater could be.

To say the least, "IT" was terrifying. Not just the movie itself, but the man behind the clown, Bill Skarsgard. Terrifying. Horrifying. Scary. I still get chills seeing him all dolled up as our favorite clown, Pennywise (I use the word favorite lightly..

no one really likes clowns).

I first heard about "IT" from my mother; I'm a newbie horror movie buff and asked for suggestions. First thing she said (besides The Exorcist, because she is spooked from that movie still) was"IT". So of course I surfed through the internet to find a copy of "IT". When I found the mini-series, I went to town.

Watching the miniseries

I was scared. Mind you, I was an adult when I watched the mini=series for the first time. Tim Curry as Pennywise haunted my nightmares for weeks; this man had me looking under my bed and around the corner of my dormitory. I was genuinely spooked. Clowns are already scary enough - that scare in 2016 definitely didn't help - and now we have to watch this demon clown on TV?

Oh yeah.

I didn't know what to expect watching the miniseries. Of course it wasn't going to be too scary, it was made for TV. But Bill and the gang were still scared nonetheless - and so was I. Little Georgie deserved nothing that came to him! He was a small boy who only wanted to float a boat. But they all float down here.

Watching the new movie

I was expected to be scared this time. I had my popcorn in one hand and my drink in the other - waiting. The opening sequence comes, and I am already shaking. You know what's going to happen. Poor little Georgie in that infamous raincoat. What I did not expect, however, was for Pennywise's mouth to literally extend out of his face and bite off Georgie's arm.

(Oh, spoiler alert is in effect, by the way.) Seeing him try to run off, and then Pennywise's arm to reach and grab him... Terrifying.

Watching the Derry kids battle this clown was cinematic gold. Weaving through the sewers, in and out of that abandoned house, it was a mix and match of emotions. I was on the edge of my seat.

Once again - Georgie deserved nothing that came to him.

Now, I'm no movie critic. I watch movies just like the next person and have my own opinion of them. I have my theories, my speculations, my comparisons from the old and the new.

But, this movie was good. It was scary, somewhat hilarious, and overall, it was a movie I enjoyed.

It's the movie of the generation because it's nostalgic, because it has all the components of a good movie.

It has a plot, some serious character development, intriguing scenes (that teenager kid killing his dad?), and it also pulls away from the original miniseries. It isn't a carbon copy, and I think that's what I enjoy the most.

Go see "IT" in theaters now. It's worth it.

And go read about Chapter II coming out in 2019.