Vice President Pence’s doctor, Dr. Jennifer Pena, unexpectedly announced her resignation on Friday (May 4). Pena, like Ronny Jackson, worked for the medical unit and was assigned to the vice president and president.

In order to make sure there was transparency from the vice president’s office, they issued a statement to CNN stating the same, adding that Pena’s resignation will go through the White House medical unit as that is the usual procedure.


Earlier this year, President Trump nominated Rear Admiral and Dr. Ronny Jackson to become the next Secretary of Veterans Affairs.

The cabinet position has been vacant since David Shulkin left, or was rather forced to resign.

Dr. Ronny’s nomination raised concerns from both Republicans and Democrats because he had no experience in leading or managing a large government agency like Veterans Affairs. And if his lack of experience wasn’t a big enough strike against him, other serious allegations began to surface.

Over the course of three days, America was bombarded with reports of allegations involving Jackson having dispensed heavy-hitting prescription medicines to staffers in the White House and on overseas trips. This earned him the nickname ‘Candyman,’ according to Senator Jon Tester (D) in a televised interview. Other allegations included excessive drinking while on the job and aggressive behavior toward colleagues.

Dr. Jackson officially withdrew his nomination less than a week after the allegations surfaced.


Some question if Pena’s abrupt resignation was because of Dr. Jackson’s return to the White House medical unit. Others see this as fallout from her recent allegations against Jackson in which she documented in three memos to officials citing possible HIPPA, patient privacy, violations and other concerns.

It should be noted that there is no evidence or reporting that has been found that Dr. Pena was pressured to resign. But this does not stop one from theorizing.

Politico reported that a source familiar said the good doctor’s exit stems directly from reports that Dr. Jackson was aggressive and intimidating toward her after she filed the reports.

Sources also said Dr. Pena misrepresented the “severity” of the situations. And according to CNN, there were alleged multiple confrontations between the two; although no one really knows what happened after Jackson’s failed confirmation and up until Pena's departure.

Dr. Jackson is no longer assigned to the president and there is no plan to reassign him to the president, although he still works in the White House medical unit. And, it is unclear if Dr. Pena will remain working for the Trump administration or go elsewhere altogether.