If you have morals, can pass security clearances, and think logically without prejudice then working in the White House may not be a good fit. The White House has had more turnovers than Baker’s Square.

Trump says he likes opposing views and people to push back on his ideas but this has not been evidenced by those who have been fired. It is opposing views and recommendations that flags Trump to deliver a pink slip.

Every month there seems to be someone leaving or there are rumors of resignations which are dismissed, only to be followed by tweeted firings.

The latest firing was another White House Cabinet member, David Shulkin, who was the Secretary of Veterans Affairs.

Bye-Bye Mr. Shulkin

The New York Times published an op-ed piece by former secretary David Shulkin On Thursday (Mar. 29) in which he explained the reason he was forced out was that he disagreed with privatization for veterans' care. He noted, “The private sector..is ill-prepared to handle the number and complexity of patients...particularly when it involves the mental health needs of people scarred by the horrors of war.”

Shulkin, the last of Obama appointees, is not the first to be forced out because of his views and decisions. Just a couple of weeks ago, Gary Cohn, former White House Economic Adviser, quit in light of the President’s new tariff proposals on aluminum and steel.

He explained that it was a terrible idea and was not in the best interest of the people or the economy. Cohn is now being replaced by Kudlow, a sort of reality TV show host, who only plays an economist on TV, and has no practitioner-experience.

Additionally, Kudlow has been wrong twice about the future of the US and world economy—very wrong.

The two memorable times the stock market saw doom and gloom with numbers plunging heavily was in the late '90s and again in 2008. He predicted it was a great time to invest and all would be well in the land of the free. If we recall, those were also two of the worst modern-day financial crises that greatly affected the housing and world economy.

The doctor will see you now

CNN reported that Shulkin will be replaced by the White House physician Dr. Ronny Jackson. Dr. Jackson came to the forefront of the public when he gave a glowing report about Trump’s physical earlier this year. Trump loved the report and the way the good doctor looked on camera, noting he looked as though he came out of central casting, according to CNN.

Rear Admiral Dr. Ronny Jackson has served in the military and served every president since George W. Bush, however, he has never managed this kind of department before. Nevertheless, if confirmed by Congress, he would be overseeing the second largest department in the United States.

This is a huge undertaking and has many critics and veterans alike scratching their heads.

Two of the main reasons being, Dr. Jackson’s patient numbers will go from one to 9,000,000 and a glaring track record of a lack of managerial experience.

Revolving personnel door

In the past, Trump has stated that he likes playing with chaos but has denied the White House is strained. He has proclaimed that what America sees is just lots of energy. One would question what kind of energy is it? It would seem that the energy flowing through the west wing is that of change.

Now that vacancies continue to go unfilled or filled with under-qualified appointments, America must trust that it is not going to a fiery place in a hand basket. Trump has not replaced Hope Hicks, the former Communications’ Director, who quit after testifying before the special counsel and congressional intelligence committees.

CNN reported that some White House staff have suggested to President Trump that Hicks' position isn't one that has to be filled just like the Chief of Saff--a position still held by John Kelly.

As recently as Tuesday, Mar. 13, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson was fired via Twitter while on his way back from Africa. He had no idea he was being ousted and would join the ranks of the former FBI Director James Comey who was fired via Twitter in 2017. Director Comey was also on a plane and did not hear of his dismissal until after he landed.

The US is seeing a shift in the internal structure of the White House. Donald Trump is making the White House the way he wants it so that his presidency is a success.

Many are worried, and rightfully so. The positions in the White House exist because they are needed in order to manage the intricate affairs of the country. One can only wonder when the house of cards will fall.