Donald Trump, the incumbent US president, is on a mission to disgrace everything from the Obama administration. The Observer, a prestigious UK newspaper, has made a startling revelation that Trump has allegedly hired an Israeli firm to launch a dirty smear campaign on those involved in the Iran deal during the erstwhile Obama administration. Ben Rhodes, a member of Obama’s top national security advisors, and Colin Kahl, deputy assistant to Obama, are supposed to be the main target of this dirty operation. These revelations have surfaced just before Trump’s May 12 deadline on the Iran deal.

Trump team members met spy agency in Israel

According to the report, some Trump team members met the officials of the spy agency during Trump’s last year visit to Israel. The spy agency was reportedly assigned to investigate into personal lives of the key aides of the Iran Nuclear deal in the erstwhile government and look into whether they received any personal, political or private benefits from the deal.

“The Trump team” also told them to contact leading journalists covering the Iran deal and get an idea about the information or leaks they received from the Obama administration. The agency will also investigate pro-deal journalists from the New York Times, MSNBC television, and the Atlantic.

Though a plan of action was put in place, it is unclear how much progress they have made so far. It’s to be noted that Israel is against the renewal of the deal and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu also made a dramatic presentation recently.

Trump was against the nuclear deal since his election campaign

It’s to be noted that Trump has been extremely vocal against the nuclear deal during his election campaign days and never concealed his intention to scrap the deal.

The task will be easier if he succeeds in casting slurs on the members of the top negotiation team with Iran deal.

Trump is supposedly upset with his dwindling approval rating and the attention and respect Obama still commands in the US. He seems engaged in disrupting and damaging whatever Obama has done so far, from birth-control, the Iran deal, and women’s policies, to affordable care act, without going into the merit of things.

Jack Straw, the foreign secretary during Obama administration, said, “These are serious allegations and reflect a high degree of desperation by Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu.” Both Rhodes and Kahl have expressed their ignorance about any such smear campaign against them, but they are not surprised at all with such reports in the newspaper.