The United States' oldest citizen passed away this Wednesday, May 9. Delphine Gibson, born in 1903 in Ridgeway, South Carolina, died at the age of 114 in Pennsylvania as a resident of the Huntingdon Hills Nursing and Rehab Center.

Not only did she devote her life to her three children but also to her church and well-cooked food. Before moving to Pennsylvania, Delphine Gibson and her husband lived in North Carolina. They moved along with a group of African Americans who belonged to a growing community to work in the brickyards that are now considered to be historic today.

America's oldest person passed away on Wednesday

Her husband passed away twenty years ago but she continued on by taking her vitamins every day. When informed that she was the oldest person in America, it was a shock but when told she was the prettiest person in the world, Fox News claims she said, “I know that.”

Delphine Gibson was given an award that recognized her as America’s oldest person alive by Pennsylvania’s Department of Aging in August of 2017. Miranda Glover, a manager who worked at the nursing home that Gibson was residing in since 2004, informed WJAC-TV that Gibson loved to sing and “had an amazing spirit.” Amazing Grace was her favorite song to sing to everyone regardless of being blind and deaf.

Even the state’s governor tweeted his sorrow after hearing the passing of Delphine Gibson.

Gibson got to enjoy being America’s oldest citizen for one year and three months since Adele Dunlap died in 2017.

Dunlap passed away at the age of 114 as well.

Ohio is the lucky state now

Ohio is the lucky state now to have the oldest person alive as a resident of the state. Lessie Brown, according to Fox News, is the oldest person living in the United States at the age of 113. This information was found through the Gerontology Research Group located in Sandy Springs, Georgia.

Lessie Brown has five children, 24 grandchildren, 44 great-grandchildren, and 26 great-great-grandchildren. It is a wonder how she is able to keep up with all those birthdays. When asking what was Brown’s secret to having a long life, Fox 8 claims Lessie Brown’s daughter said it is because of her love for sweet potatoes. Other people believed this secret that Lessie Brown told them and started eating more sweet potatoes too. Maybe that is the secret to a long and healthy life or maybe it is a vitamin a day. I am sure one day someone will be able to figure it out.